Free Agency could be fast approaching?

With the court hearing on April 6th, the lockout could be removed and Free Agency could begin. So the Lions are all ready to rock as it could happen very soon. So I thought I would come up with some names the Lions brass are hopefully targeting and the ones I hope/expect to see in Honolulu Blue next year.....

Running Back: Need a power/complimentary back

DeAngelo Williams, RB, 27 years old (D-Will Video) - He is a top flight running back when hes healthy, and he could be an absolute beast and would be a great tandem with Best. Could be expensive, but if Mayhew really wants him, he could be a Lion, not too hopeful though.

Ronnie Brown, RB, 29 years old (Ronnie Brown Video) - Another one who hasn't been able to stay healthy, but when healthy, he is a very effective back that could help this offense excel even more. Could be a realistic option but who knows how much the Lions want to spend on another back.

*Jason Snelling, RB, 27 years old (Snell Video) - This is my favorite option for our #2 power back. He has the speed and power mix that can pick up the tough yards and be a great compliment for Best.

Clinton Portis, RB, 30 years old (Clinton Video) - At the end of his road, but is still a valuable back and if healthy could be a good option as a mentor/goal line back. Only would take a chance on him if he comes at a veterans minimum.

Wide Receiver: Need a 3rd WR that is dependable. Slot or Outside the numbers.

Steve Smith (NYG), WR, 26 years old (Steve Smith Video) - Great possession receiver that can stretch the field a bit too. He would be a great 3rd WR but it would be very hard talking him into being the 3rd receiver when he can most likely be a #2 on most teams. Never know though.

Braylon Edwards, WR, 28 years old (Braylon Video) - Michigan boy who has all the talent in the world, but sometimes gets in his diva mentality. Too many drops has hurt his career outlook but with a fresh start in his hometown with his Wolverine faithful behind him, he could be a star #2 receiver.

*Santana Moss, WR, 32 years old (Moss Video) - This guy owns the Lions, especially at Ford Field. He would be a great player and even better 3rd receiver for the Lions. Very possible option for the front office.

Devin Aromashodu, WR, 27 years old (Aroma Video) - Was a up and coming receiver and one of Cutlers favorite receivers, but has fallen out of love with the Bears front office. Could be a big steal or big bust.

Linebacker: Need OLB help big time, versatile is a big need.

Manny Lawson, OLB, 27 years old (Lawson Video) - Wasnt very good as a 3-4 OLB for San Fran but could be a great 4-3 backer. But has the athleticism to be a star for the Lions. Hopeful that he will be one of the top targets for Schwartz. 

Rocky McIntosh, OLB, 28 years old (Mac Big Hit) - Big hitter and a good leader, is suited perfectly for a 4-3 not a 3-4 so he could really impact Detroit's front seven.

Stephen Nicholas, OLB, 28 years old (Forced Fumble) - Absolute tackling machine and a great run stopper. Could be a perfect fit for our defense. Good chance hes a Lion if the offers good enough.

*Stephen Tulloch, MLB, 26 years old (Tull as a Lion) - Would be an absolute beast and fan favorite for the Lions. He is a stud and would solidify the LB corps. Would move Levy outside, or do like we do with the the DLine and move them all around. Versatility is Schwartz's number one thing in a Linebacker.

Secondary: Need a #1 and #2 CB, this is the main need.

Nnamdi Asomugha, CB, 30 years old (Nnamdi Video) - Should be the guy Schwartz is waiting outside his house at midnight for. Absolute shutdown corner that will cost a bunch of money but is worth it. Hopefully the Lions go after him hard, and use players like Suh, KVB and CJ to sell him. Not too hopeful but should be a top target.

*Carlos Rogers, CB, 30 years old (C-Rogers Video) - Not a top option, but is a steady dependable #2 corner. This could be a backup plan if Nnamdi or Prince dont become Lions.

*Chris Houston, CB, 26 years old (2010 Houston) - Kind of upset that he did not sign his tender, probably just wants a long term deal. I think he would be a great #2 corner with Nnamdi or Prince across from him. I expect him to sign back soon after free agency hits.

Eric Wright, CB, 26 years old (E Wright) - Did not have a great year, but is still young and could be an impact secondary player. Another back up option.

Dawan Landry, SS, 28 years old (Dawan Video) - Could be a big the player they go after if the Lions really want to upgrade the spot next to Delmas. Very doubtful though.

Possible/realistic picks(*):

Jason Snelling, RB

Santana Moss, WR

Stephen Tulloch, LB

Chris Houston, CB

Carlos Rogers, CB


Other players will be available after cuts and releases so who knows who all could be on this list.

Make your list too.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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