Pick # 13 is a Gong Show

With less than a month before the draft and even with the season in limbo; I'm more excited for this draft than I have ever been for any other draft.  Don't get me wrong, having the #1 in 09 and #2 in '10 were pretty exciting because we were able to virtually pick who ever we wanted.  But this year... it tops it all.  Why?  Because we have absolutely no idea who the hell is even going to be available!



Since the end of the Superbowl, I like everyone else have been completely obsessed with the time leading to the draft.  It was the only thing to get my mind off the on going battle between the NFL and the Union.  At this point, I'm surprised were not seeing DeMaurice Smith and Roger Goodell in a Steal Cage Match at Wrestlemania this weekend.  But all the matters now is the draft.  It's right around the corner and it seems as so the options are endless as to who we can take.  Who are we going to take?


First after the Superbowl I heard Akeem Ayers.  That was according to Mel Kiper. Then Todd McShay comes out and said "Nope, that's a reach.  I see the Lions taking Nate Soldier."  Mel Kiper later agreed.  A few days later; McShay changes his mind again and says that he sees us taking Jimmy Smith and ranks him the 3rd best DB in the draft.  A week later I start hearing about Tyron Smith from USC.  Then I start hearing about Camron Jordan.  And now this week it's Prince Amukamara... their predicting he will fall a bit because other peoples stock is improving.   I hope their right about this one.  This has been my favorite prediction!

In one month, either Kiper & McShay and well known sports writers have predicted the Lions to take an OT, DE, LB, and a CB.  How crazy is that?

Let me make my self perfectly clear when I say this.  I would not mind drafting an offensive linemen... just not a Tackle in the first round.  If I had my choice on replacing anybody right now it would be Stephan Peterman.  Let's be honest with each other guys; Peterman is F'ing terrible.  While he might had some solid games; he constantly jumps off sides and had a number of holding calls as well as two chop blocks in one game.  How the hell do you get flagged twice in the game for a chop block?  If we were to get an OL in the first round, I would trade down for an extra late pick and get Pouncey... but that's just me.

I've said in previous postings that I didn't think it was wise to draft in OL in the first round just because we had so many holes on Defense that there had to be somebody available with equal value at #13 to take instead of an OL.  Even though we need to have Stafford in the game and healthy, I'm not so worried.  We have proved to be able to score and move the football on offense.  We need to ensure that that we are doing that while keeping the score in tact.  Bottom Line, we need to draft Defense in the first round.

Who will we draft though?  That's the exciting part!  Nobody has any clue!  The lockout is changing our strategy.  At first I thought that the CBA would be negotiated at the last minute.  This would mean that FA would start and we could start signing people at CB and OLB.  Now because their is no Free Agency, we have to use the draft to fill our gaps and because of that, we CANNOT blow our first round pick on somebody who is eventually going to succeed Jeff Backus.  We need a guy who can come in and make an immediate impact.  The only way we can do that is to Draft on Defense. 

I know everyone is going to be Monday morning quarterback and offer their expert knowledge on this matter which is just far more advanced than mine!  Have at it! 


Who are we gonna take?

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