Mock Draft for the Lions

I will do several mocks around what i feel are the biggest needs for the Detroit Lions which would be CB, LB, OL, WR and RB and not in that order.

(I will not factor in any trades or trade ideals)


Mock One:

1st round: Wr Julio Jones

2nd round: Rb Mikel Leshoure/ Daniel Thomas

3rd round: Lb Colin McCarthy

4th round: Cb Shareece Wright/Rashad Carmichael

5th round: C Zane Taylor

Quick Summary

I wouldn't be suprised to see the Lions keep Jones for theirself if he is there, he fills a need and would be the BPA. I really like the Leshoure/ Thomas, Wes Bunting of the NFP has Leshoure as the Lions 2nd round pick but i would be happy with either one of them. I think that Thomas would fit better. McCarthy is going to be a good Lb in the NFL and i think could start from day 1. Wright is a very intresting prospect as is Carmichael both are play makers and need some polishing. Taylor would be a great pick up for us in the 5th we could devolep him behind Dom for a year and if Peterman isn't playing well even get his feet wet at RG.


Mock Two:

1st round: Ol Tyron Smith/Anthony Castonzo

2nd round: Cb Curtis Brown

3rd round: Wr Titus Young

4th round: Lb Casey Matthews

5th round: Fb Owen Marecic

Quick Summary

Smith/Castonzo i could see this happening if Detroit was to trade out of the 13th pick but i think more than STL would be willing to trade up both of these two wouldn't really come in and start but i think would be given a chance at one of the two position to the right. Pony Boy Curtis really impressed me at the combine which wasn't much of a shock considering alot of people here have been talking the kid up. Young would make alot of sense in the third he would contribute from day on ST/PR and Schwartz seems to like the kid so i am pretty sure he will find away to get him the ball. Matthews as we all i know my favorite in the draft but he will make a name for himself and not just live off of the legacy of his father, uncle and brother. Marecic this kid is a Schwartz and Gun kinda player, he is a throwback from the 50's and would be a ace on ST day 1.


Mock Three:

1st round: Cb Brandon Harris

2nd round: Lb Martez Wilson

3rd round: Ol John Moffitt

4th round: Wr Greg Little

5th round: Rb Anthony Allen

Quick Summary

Harris is my favorite corner in the draft does everything good to great and will be a day 1 starter, onlything that's got me curious about Harris is how long will it take him to be the team #1 corner. Wilson played inside but mayock see's him as an OLB in a 4-3, does everything nicely that Detroit would expect of him and would come in and start. Johnny is a road grader from hell not really he's from Wis-con-SIN what can i say that hasn't already been said on PoD over a thousand times. Little and Allen would be upgrades to what we have in BJ,Will and Felton. I don't like that Little was suspended and didn't play a whole year and the fact that Allen came from a 3 option offense is  a small red flag.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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