Smurfy Draft Value Round 2



Well time to hit my 2nd round value chart. Needless to say that some of those late first guys may slide in here so the top value of my chart would actually start with them and then continue on from the guys I have listed below. Also guys that I have removed off my board for medical like a Bowers become pretty irresistible here. Probably the only guy I would continue to pass on would be Jimmy Smith even though he would be seriously tempting here I would stick to my evaluation and stick to my guns.

Bruce Carter: The perfect fit for WSLB in our defense this guy is a top 15 talent that has fallen down draft boards due to an ACL at the end of his season. The tape on him is good, very good, he does it all and he has good range/speed. I can not find any real holes in his game. Since we have some conversion 4-3 teams ahead of us like the Broncos and Browns I think the chances of him being there in the 2nd are a lot more unlikely than others. On top of that you have the Patriots always lurking for value and while he does not fit their scheme it is right up thier alley to take a guy like this and find a way to use him. Also do not undersell the Vikings as being interested in this guy, while they have bigger needs, they may just want to go ahead and find that replacement for Greenway at this point.

Ras-I Dowling: You are going to keep seeing a theme here in the 2nd round, of guys that are first round talent that fell because of injuries. Well this is another one of those guys. Fully healthy he might well have been the number one or two corner in this draft class. However being injured for almost all of last year he has a lot of bad tape out there. So the question is going to be if you buy off on him returning to form when he is healthy. Personally I do, and while a lot of people see this as a boom or bust type of pick I see it as a can't miss in the second round. I also would not be surprised to see a team take a flier on him late in the first. The only thing putting him behind Carter on my board is the shadow of a doubt being there because of him actually having bad tape. There is a chance that he might never recover to past form, or progress to future projections. However I feel that is tempered by the fact that he could easily convert to a safety if push came to shove, much like Spievey did for us last year. The question you have to ask, is if you are willing to miss on a guy like that again. Personally I have the guts to take that shot, the upside is too tempting.

Rodney Hudson: While many people have fallen in love with Mike Pouncey he is riding a lot on his brothers success in the NFL. Hudson has earned all of his marks on his own. Honestly he is hands down my best center in the draft if it were not for one thing, anchoring. Hudson is pretty much elite at every level of being a center but because he played on a smaller and more athletic line in college many people label him as a zone blocker and question his anchor ability. However he has been putting on the pounds and showed up to the combine bigger and his pro day even bigger yet. In doing so he has not missed a beat, he is every bit as technically sound, and athletic as he was when he was smaller. This discounts most of the fears I had about him anchoring. That being said he does have one other downside to Pouncy, he will probably never be as physical especially in the run game. That is not to say he will be bad, but he is not as likely to be able to win against a 3-4 nose tackle one on one. While he can handle 60-70% of the situations you put him in one on one, he will need help in the run game at times. Still he steps in day one and is likely to anchor the middle of our line for the next decade, earning a few all pro selections along the way.

Jonathan Baldwin: If this guy had just a little better speed, or route running he would be a for sure first round pick. But the lack of those critical check marks will force him to be a "posession" receiver in the NFL. Where those factors keep him from being a true number one in the NFL he is probably going to be one of the best number twos you could possibly ask for. Add in the fact that he is a very large and physical receiver and he really fits into our offense well as a number two behind Calvin. This guy honestly has a lot of elite aspects to his game and adding him to Calvin and Staff just might create the kind of long term trio that can help them all earn consideration for the Hall of Fame somewhere down the line. Adding this guy would give the Lions arguably the best receiver trio in the NFL. Defending the end zone with him, Calvin, and Pettigrew would be a real nightmare.

Akeem Ayers: I know that I have Ayers listed as a first round guy, but I would actually take Carter over him. My biggest concern with Ayers is his lack of interest, dedication, intensity, and motivation. The knocks on his work ethic are multi dimensional and quite frankly, scare me a lot. While he is a 3-4 rush LB, the talent set for a guy like that actually lines up very well with a SSLB in our scheme. Even more so for a 3-4 rush LB that can cover, and very few can do it as well as Ayers, in fact you are lucky to see it at all in a 3-4 rush LB. The other hard thing for me to answer is what his speed really is. On tape I see the same thing that I seen with his 40 time, inconsistency. Some plays he is like a 4.8 or 4.9 line backer, which is horrid for us. Other plays he is like a 4.6 or 4.7 line backer, which is right in our wheelhouse. That being said, we would ideally like a guy that is more of a 4.5 to 4.6 guy, so even under my best evaluations of speed he is a little lacking to be ideal for us. On top of that I question his ability to diagnose a play and to read and react quickly. What makes this really hard is trying to figure out his inconsistencies. It is one of two things, his athleticism flashing to overcome a deficiency or those work ethic issues. Either way the inconsistency is there, and no matter what the reason for it is, I cannot discount it or overlook it. Should he be the pick for us I see him in a very similar light with us as Pettigrew. A very talented player that just plain drops the ball when it really counts sometimes. At linebacker he will have more help around him though and he just might work out OK if he is the pick, I just would not be making that pick ahead of Bruce Carter, period.

Randall Cobb: This guy is electric. Think of Percey Harvin if you want an NFL comparison. Originally considering going to Tennessee he opted to go to Kentucky because he wanted to play quarterback. Unfortunately for him they Kentucky only used him mainly as a wild cat quarterback. Make no mistake though this guy can do it all, starting with run. He has a rare combination of speed and agility to go with hands, and oh yeah he can throw it too.

Derek Sherrod: Because of a deep draft class at tackle this guy is getting overlooked. He is probably one of the most sound left tackles to plug and play day one. The only reason he is in the 2nd round is because his ceiling is lower than others and that while he is good at everything he is great at nothing. There is one exception to good at everything too, he is a pretty poor run blocker. I guess he is kind of like the Mark Ingram of tackles. A solid player with only one major flaw that is ready to start now. Someone is going to get an amazing value for him late first or early second.

Rahim Moore: The 2nd best safety in the draft this guy is a very nice addition to almost any team. Not only is this guy a ball hawk, but he is stout against the run and a sure tackler. The only thing that puts Aaron Williams ahead of Rahim is his experience as a corner and playing all over the field for the Longhorns.

Ryan Williams: Another guy that is flying under the radar mainly due to injury. When this guy is healthy he might just be the most talented running back in the draft. He can pretty much do it all. Running 4.6 at the combine did not help him much but I see a lot more speed to his game than that on tape. This guy would be a nice compliment to Best and while he does play like a big back, he also has better feet and agility than I think I have ever seen on a big back. If you want to talk about a running back that always makes the first guy miss, this is the guy, in fact he very well might always make the first two or three guys miss. This combination of size and agility makes him a unique prospect that I don't think you can really compare to any other player. For me, when I try to think of a former player with him I want to say that he is the child of LaGarrett Blount and Barry Sanders and that is the best terms I can put him in.

Greg Little: Nate Burleson 2.0 in a lot of ways. He is more physical and scrappier than Nate, but his game really translates to the Lions in a very similar role. A solid number 2-3 guy that can play outside or in the slot. Excellent character and effort, good hands, and runs good routes. Not the fastest but fast enough. Soem compare his game to Terrell Owens or Anquan Bolden. While he does not have quite the height at 6' 2" he has the build of a linebacker at 231lbs.

Mikel Leshoure: Another 4.6 running back that plays faster than his 40 time. While this guy does not have deep speed I see him making a lot more 20+ runs on tape than Mark Ingram ever dreamed of. I big, powerful, one cut and up type of runner, this guy reminds me of Stephen Jackson minus the top end gear. A very solid player and while he would be a nice compliment to Best, I am not so sure he is suited to a power run game. His skill set and talent makes me want to try it though.

Justin Houston: Slated to be a 3-4 rush line backer, this guy actually might be a sleeper 4-3 defensive end. The fact that a 3-4 team will value him a lot more makes it unlikely but he just might slide to a 4-3 team that is willing to make him a project. The one thing that pushes him down boards is the one year wonder aspect to him but I actually think he is better suited to play in a 4-3 at end. The only reason I have him down on my board is the lack of need at DE.

Titus Young: This guy has been shooting up boards lately and will likely go late in the first rather than in the second. Everyone says he is a poor mans DeSean Jackson but I don't see it. He is not as fast and I am genuinely scared about his hands. He does seem to find ways to separate and get open which is why a lot of teams like him. For a small guy he is pretty good at getting off a jam at the line and he does have that deep speed to go along with nice moves after the catch. While he does have some electricity to him I think that his biggest asset is his versatility on a team that needs a depth receiver. He can play inside, outside, and be a return guy which makes him an almost ideal 3rd receiver on a depth chart. Much like Nate Burlesson, though he can be a solid 2, I think he will thrive at the 3 spot in the slot. So while I do like him, I am not sure what he gives us over Nate. He is faster sure but he is also smaller and his hands are far more suspect. Never the less, if other options are off the board he could add another dynamic to our offense that helps to make our top guys have an easier game. While he is not the kind of elite athlete to ever be a number one wide receiver in my eyes he is going to be fairly elite against the 2nd and 3rd corner back and even more so against a line backer or safety. Basically he will cause the same kind of issues in the slot that Jahvid Best does. Again not necessarily adding a lot to our offense, but it does add some new wrinkles to be able to have two guys on the field like that, and it certainly fills out our depth.

James Carpenter: This guy is interesting to me because he is just a little shy of being a left tackle or a right tackle, and he is a little to tall to be a guard for smaller quarterbacks. Lucky for us that our QB's tend to be taller guys because I see this guy as a cant miss on guard. He might take some time to develop but I think he will be well worth it because he is the kind of guy that can be glue for a line. His skill set translates well into moving around to fill whatever hole needs to be filled. That kind of versatility is valuable and at the very worst I see him as a do it all, inside outside, with the exception of center, backup for years. By virtue that you can plug him wherever you have an injury he will effectively receive starting time by the end of most seasons. I know your all shaking your head at me right now, well that is just his low ceiling, his high ceiling could be starting at left tackle, and that is a pretty good value to find in the second round. You just don't find a starting left tackle in the second round too often. The only thing he is really lacking is range, the ability to force an edge rusher wide enough. But I think he has a shot at developing that over time while he is a backup. Push come to shove I like the value here of a developmental left tackle a lot more than I do at pick 13.

Johnny Patrick: This guy is a lot like Brandon Harris. Similar size and speed. He had good production in college and basically the only knock on him is that he is mainly an off corner. He might be able to develop press cover skills but right now he has little to none. Because of that he will take a little time to develop and might not emerge as a decent corner for a year or two. Add to that the misdemeanor assault charge on him for throwing a woman to the ground and you understand whey he is flying under the radar. However the need at corner might just warrant us taking a flier on one of these character guys at some point in the draft. At least this guy only has one red flag and that gives him a better chance than some in my book to put it behind him and move on with his life in a positive manner.

Benjamin Ijalana: A solid guard prospect that has experience at tackle. This guy fits well with our power blocking scheme and the added versatility to play tackle in a pinch adds value. While not a sexy pick this guy does add a lot of value. He will challenge immediately for a guard spot and also give the right tackles a run for their money.

Clint Boling: A lot of people will be high on this guy but I actually do not like him in the Lions scheme unless they plan to convert to zone blocking. He would be a solid depth player and could be a project guy at a center, but I honestly see a lot better guys out there for the value. He is a better pass blocker than run blocker which is not the template that usually makes a good guard. He also has too short of arms to be a left tackle and struggles against elite speed. So you might ask why I have him as a 2nd round pick, well because of his ability to move. He is a very good puller and lead blocker, which makes him intrigue me as a project. If he could add some size and strength and keep that athleticism he could be a special kind of guard. He has amazing work ethic and conditioning which makes him very likely to succeed as a developmental project. He also anchors well which makes him a pretty interesting center conversion project. That being said, I think the only way I take him is if I happened to trade down in the first and I have an extra late second round pick to burn.

William Rackley: This guy is going to get pushed down boards on two things. Lack of competition and lack of explosion off the line. He has played outside at tackle for Lehigh which will add some value because of his versatility. While he is a bit too small to be an NFL tackle he can fill in on the right side should injury require it somewhere down the road. A bit of a developmental project but he has all of the intangibles you look for. He is a kid that loves football and is managing to carry a 3.4 GPA, so he has a head on his shoulders too. This is the kind of guy that New England will take and develop for a year or two into an all pro guard.

Jabaal Sheard: This guy is a bit of an interesting one. He is going to slide down mainly off of injury concerns. He could project as a 3-4 rush line backer or a 4-3 pass rush DE. Much like Avril when he came to us this guy will need a lot of work against the run along with adding some size and strength. He does however possess all of the tools to be an elite edge rusher. Most of the intangibles check out very well for him, however there is some concern with character as he was charged with assault for throwing a guy through a plate glass window. However when you dig deeper you also find that he saved and old lady from a burning building when he was in high school. I am willing to bet that the guy going through the window had it coming. While he is a development project he just could lead the NFL in sacks a year or two from now and might be worth the investment. I should also add that he never missed a game for injury and that it was his elbow that he had surgery on, not exactly something you worry about being an issue down the road for a defensive end.

Orlando Franklin: A mauler type that projects well to right tackle or guard. He is one of those guys that does not look pretty on tape but he gets the job done. He is not the most agile, or nimble of foot, but he does possess a lot of power to his game and his fundamentals are not bad, it is his physical traits that seem to limit him. Couple that with post season MCL surgery and you know why he is a bottom second round guy for me. While I believe that he can make an impact on day one if he is 100% healthy at right guard / tackle, he is very much like the guys we already have in place there in Cherilus and Peterman. However his ceiling is a bit higher than Peterman and while he does have a similar skill set to Cherilus I think he is more technically sound. So while not  a sexy pick he could provide some short term depth and a long term upgrade on the right side. His versatility in playing tackle or guard puts him a bit ahead of guys like Moffitt in my book. Again you have to take in context where I have him here, we don't have a late second but that is where I value him, maybe we somehow end up with an extra second round pick and he is all that is left on my value board, another consolation prize. Pretty much every guy from this point below on my board is actually a 3rd rounder in my eyes, but should we be left holding the bag late in round two I would have to decide between one of these guy and some of the guys at the top of my third round board, like Leonard Hankerson. Hankerson would probably win out against most of these guys in my eyes.

Torrey Smith: This guy has all the tools to be a good slot receiver, think of Titus Young and you have a very similar player. However Smith plays a bit slower than Titus and does not always create the separation that you would like to see. That being said he is lethal after the catch and could develop into an amazing return man. The fact that we have Stefan Logan in place pushes this guy down my board for that and he would be a consolation prize type of pick if we happened to acquire a late second round pick.

Allen Bailey: This guy has a fine skill set as a defensive end but at times I question his work ethic. He will need work against the run as he tends to have trouble getting off blocks, and I don't know if he will ever be an elite rusher. But the overall package is a good value late in round two should we somehow end up there. He has those flashes of brilliance that tease you, which tend to scare me away. But under the right coaching this guy might just develop into a solid LDE. Not that we need one of those, but it is a consolation prize, gamble type of what the hell, hail Mary pick. Honestly some of these guys should be off my 2nd round board and pushed into round three but they are those bubble players that make you flip a coin. Is it heads or is it tails?

Markus Cannon: This guy has played outside at tackle but I see him as a guard. His massive 6' 5" 358 body scares me a bit, in that it reminds me of the Man Ram. This guy really could do to size down a bit as he really struggles to move that big body. I see him as a liability against the elite athletes the NFL tends to put on defensive lines and especially struggle against elite speed. That being said he can seriously open some holes if he gets his hands on you. This pick is a high risk high reward kind of guy, I don't see much in between with him. Either he is going to work hard and develop into a dominant inside player, or he is going to never break a starting rotation. While I personally would not take him, someone is going to fall in love with him and take a shot, my bet is the Eagles.

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