The first round could come down to this!

It is just the math....based on projections there is a good chance that a highly rated DE will be present at 13. OT in this years draft just don't have a prospect that is knock your socks off... and the highest rated one (Tyron Smith) is a project... The safest pick at 13 will be one of the upfield rushers at DE...Quinn...Bowers..or Smith. All 3 are top 10 talents is just a matter of this being a heavy Defensive line draft. Why pass on one of these highly rated DE? another thing that could happen which has been discussed is the number of quarterbacks that could be drafted in the top 12. There is a big chance right now that 3 go prior to pick 13 which shapes the draft up like this ....

1 Cam Newton to the Panthers
2  Marcell Darius to the Broncos
3  Von Miller to the Bills
4 AJ Green to the Bengals
5 Blaine Gabbert to the Cards
6 J Jones to the Browns ..the Browns pick here is critcal it will determine what the skins do
7 Patrick Peterson  to the 49ers
8 Nick Fairly to the Titans
9 Tryon Smith to the Cowboys
Between picks 10 and 12 a trade will go down for the selection of Ryan Mallet...with the Redskins baiting the Dolphins so that they can trade up for him...anyone of these teams 10 thru 12 will get tons of calls from Miami so they can select him prior to the Vikings pick
10 Ryan Mallett to the Dolphins (trade with redskins)
11 Prince akwhatever to the Texans
12 Robert Quinn to the Vikings
13  ?????? to the Lions
14 Rams                                                                                                                                                                                        15 15 Washington knows that players they want ...Cam Newton, Blaine Gabbert, AJ Green and J.Jones ..but if they aren't there they will make a deal with Miami (if the CBA issues don't get in the only able to offer draft picks and the Skins wanting more.)..they know just like we know who wants what from picks 10 thru 12 and know they can trade back and still get who they want in this situation)


With all that being said the key to this is Patrick Peterson. If he doesn't go in the top 3 he will slip to 6. If that happens Browns will decide between him and J.Jones. If they take JJ they PP7 slips o the 49ers and that will be as far as he will fall. This chain reaction will cause prince to drop where the Cowboys have to make a choice Tyron Smith or Prince...Unlike us their tackle situation is more dire and they could reach on T. Smith here. The Texans will have prince and unless we make a trade that they want this is as far as he will drop. Vikings without the quarterback they wanted in Mallett will go BPA. Leaving the Lions in the Same Boat (who would that be at this point?) Washington having traded down will go BPA as well now that they can't get the quarterbacks or recievers they basiclly the skins will select the same player at 14 they may have taken at 10 "mayhewing" the Dolphins to drop down 4 slots.

Not including any trades WHO would meet the value at pick 13?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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