Not so much a Mock Draft as a…Premonition.

Warning!!!! If you don’t want to ruin the suspense of draft night, of  what players are chosen by which teams, please don’t read this post as it contains picks 1-16 of the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft exactly how they will occur on the 28th. For those intrepid few who dare move forward, rejoice, for thou hath seen a glimpse of the future.


This was 50/50 between Gabbert and Newton. Newton’s upside versus Gabbert’s being more NFL ready, and more likely to be a quality starter.  You can’t miss this high or you set back the franchise.


2. DENVER                          MARCEL DAREUS/DT/ALABAMA

Perfect fit for their transition to 4-3 defense, perfect value.


3. BUFFALO                        CAM NEWTON/QB/AUBURN

  Chan Gailey wields great magic when it comes to creating quarterbacks (Tyler Thigpen, really?). Anyway, I think the Dr Frankenstein of NFL quarterback coaches won't be able to resist the possibility of donning matching tuxedoes and doing a soft shoe to "Putting On The Ritz" with his latest creation, despite the heavy chance The Monster's brain is from someone named Abbie Normal. "oooper dooper!!!"


4. CINCINNATI                  A.J. GREEN/WR/GEORGIA

When opportunity calls, pick up the receiver.  Green is considered Calvin-like in his talents.

I thought about Fairley here because every prison yard needs an enforcer and he’s right up their alley: a one year wonder with questionable behavior. I definitely see him wearing stripes. Just not this year.



5. ARIZONA                        VON MILLER/OLB/TEXAS A&M

Fitzy says “we need a quarterback who throws to his own team.” There aren’t any that fit the value here so they go with the blue chip rusher who fits their defense.



6. CLEVELAND    *Trades their pick to THE DETROIT LIONS for their 1st and 3rd round picks in this   

                                   year’s draft and next year’s 2nd round selection. The DETROIT LIONS select…

                                                PATRICK PETERSON/CB/LSU.

 This is the impact player the Lions want. The lions need a corner who can tilt the field, Peterson is a rare talent who can shut down half of the field and make everyone on the defense better. All our db’s get better because they aren’t playing out of position anymore.(The Phonz is more of a nickel for example)

For those who want Amukamara at #13, I don’t think he is nearly as good as Peterson.   Some people say its Peterson 1a and Amukamara 1b, not so. There is a bigger drop off than that. Prince would be a nice value at 13 but I don’t think he makes it there anyway.

Also, this fits Mayhew’s M.O. of targeting a guy who makes others better.  He benefitted from being in the same backfield with Deion Sanders so he sees the value of a shut down corner and is not afraid to be proactive in getting who he wants. Getting the number one rated player in the draft would be a major coup.



 Man, they really wanted Petersen. But when the eskimo gets here, everybody jumps for proverbial joy. Quinn is a superb talent, a game changer and the last of the blue chip prospects in this draft.



He reminds a lot of people of Albert Haynesworth, not sure if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing but he is talented and again, a great fit for scheme.


9.  DALLAS           *Trades it’s pick to the ST. LOUIS RAMS who select JULIO JONES/WR/ALABAMA

With receiver-needy Washington and Cleveland between them and the top guy on their board the Rams move up and get the receiver that turns Bradford into a star.



They have to stop Michael Vick and Tony Romo twice a year, Smith, with his pterodactyl-like wingspan and Orakpo would form a formidable duo, fast rushers to get after those two mobile quarterbacks, not to mention the mouth breather in New York.



This is the reason Mayhew traded up, Prince is a nice value at #13 but he wasn’t going to make it there. And if you’re gonna trade up why not go for a once every ten years talent.



Thought about Costanzo here but Locker throws better on the run than in the pocket, which is good because Minnesota’s line can’t really hold a pocket.



 Cleveland’s doctors give the ok and they pick up a 3 down end for their new 4-3. This guy is solid against the run and can rush the quarterback, he may be the steal of the draft. Good for them to, because you know what they say… pass up a bower, lose for an hour.


*Note: Cleveland’s best move of the off season will be to let Jake Delhome take his talents to South Beach.


14. *DALLAS (from St. Louis) TYRON SMITH/OT/USC

The risk pays off, they trade down and still get their man. He plays right tackle immediately then swaps with Doug Free in a year or two, allowing Free to go to his more natural RT position.



He’s been mocked to Miami so long, in his first home game the Dolphin’s hold a pregame ceremony to retire his number and put him in their “Ring of Honor”.

                                They may think about CHRISTIAN PONDER here. (Get it? “think about”…“ponder”)


16. JACKSONVILLE  *Trades their pick to the SAN DIEGO CHARGERS who select

                                      CAMERON JORDAN/DE/CALIFORNIA

The top 3-4 defensive end has had a nice off season and it pays off here, not only does he go to a very good team in a weak division, but he gets to live in San Diego instead of Jacksonville.

(note: In the third round San Diego MUST take USC TE Jordan Cameron to keep things balanced  in the universe.)


Speaking of the universe she has closed her window to the future, now I rest.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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