And I Step into Martin Mayhew's Shoes - Round One and Two

Friday night I represented the Detroit Lions in a LIVE! Mock Draft on Mocking The Draft. Each team was represented in person or by submission of a list of ten possible choices at each of their draft positions. Originally, I thought the requirement for a list like that was ridiculous, but it proved to be invaluable later on.

Here are the LINKs:

for the first two rounds.

To prepare for the first two rounds Friday night I sent out some feelers to a few other teams for trades from the # 13 spot down. I did not consider any trade ups. I only got a response from the Giants "GM" that he would be interested in trading up if a certain unnamed player was available. The cost was going to be his # 19, # 83, and # 117. Pretty close to even value on the trade chart. The trade would not be done until the time of the pick in the off chance a really good player fell and I would take him.

I also expanded my second round list of targets and tried to rank them [not easy] and had lists of the draft order, a draft value chart, and player rankings ready to review at my fingertips.  And a beer. Just one and a light one at that. I needed to keep a clear head!

The draft started at 7:00 PM. Blaine Gabbert was the first pick by Carolina. Cinci and San Fran swapped their first round picks and SF took P. Peterson. Later, Tennessee made a horrific trade with Philly basically handing him the # 8 pick for about 50% of the value. A number of GMs were not happy. The Tennessee GM would prove to be an idiot again, and again in the draft.

My trade fell through and I had a choice between DEs Cameron Jordan, Aldon Smith, and JJ Watt. I took Jordan, although I almost changed it to Smith at the last minute.

My plan for the # 44 pick was to target Jimmy  Smith or Brandon Harris, and possibly move up if they got near my pick in the second round. They both went in the first. At # 25 and # 31 respectively.

As my second round pick approached I had Mason Foster, Martez Wilson, and Bruce Carter available, not to mention Mark Ingram and Mikel Leshoure. Two other targets; Wisniewski and Hankerson had gone early in the second round.

At the last minute I made a trade down with New England getting their # 60, # 92, and # 159 for my # 44. An even deal by the value chart. I was satisfied as I thought I still might get one of my main targets in the second and picked up an extra third and fifth round pick.

At pick # 56 Carter, Foster, and Leshoure were still all there. With only four picks between me and them and many other good players around I thought my chances were good to get one of them by staying put. I ignored a request for a trade up to # 57and promptly saw those three go in the next three picks. DAMN!!

I scrambled a bit and reviewed my list and went with Titus Young WR at # 60.

The second round ended at 11:45 PM.

Overall the draft was very well run by CByers of MTD and was a lot of fun. The Titans owner almost single handedly screwed up the draft by trading the same pick to three different teams.  His trades were lopsided and diminished the value of his position by at least 50%. He made a few teams very happy, the rest of us were pissed at his antics.

The pre draft lists came in handy as due to absences or technical glitches they were used to select the odd player for a missing GM. Just like they would do it in the NFL. LOL

Rounds three, four, and five are coming up this afternoon and I have five picks # 75, # 92, # 107, # 154, and # 159. I have a bit of homework to do to prepare myself and hopefully fill a few more holes. I think for the most part I will stick to a BPA strategy and not worry too much about particular needs that we think we have. There is always Free Agency, right?

Here is the link to the third round which starts this afternoon at 1:00PM if you are interested.

Wish me luck.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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