Draft Wish List

I looked back over the last two months of postings and I don't think at this point I've actually put down a wish list.  I've seen about 100 mocks right now.  Most mocks have made a good amount of sense and some are flat out ridiculous.  Seeing as I don't give a rats ass about any other team but the Lions, I will just do them.


Pick #13)  Jimmy Smith CB/Colorado - Recently I've read that Smith's stock has been rising increasingly.  He has been compared quite a bit to Prince Amukamara.  At first I was hoping for Prince but recently I haven't read anything on the guy that blows me away.  Mel Kiper says that the Lions shouldn't be turned off too much about his character issues and the report was the Lions enjoyed his visit.  He failed a drug test earlier on in his career but as it says... earlier on.  He's 6'2" 211 lbs and he played 4 solid years at Colorado and his stats got increasingly better by the years.  Keep in mind that Colorado wasn't really that good last year so the support he needed probably wasn't there.  With our D Line and secondary help from Houston and Delmas; Detroit may be his place to shine and show we he is really made of.

Pick #44) Torry Smith WR/Maryland - This guy is very quietly making his way up the ranks and again the reports on his visit to the Lions were positive.  At this point I don't think any OT's will be worth taking until later rounds and I think Bruce Carter in the 2nd round is a big mistake.  I'm just not comfortable drafting somebody who tore his ACL 6 months ago in the 2nd round, the same reason I think Bowers would be a mistake in the first round... why risk it? 

What we need is a 3rd receiver.  With Johnson and Burleson combined with Best catching in the flats and the emergence of Schaeffler and Pettigrew, all we are missing is that #3 guy.  Torry has speed, excellent quickness, and separates well after the catch.  He isn't the greatest route runner but he has two solid guys on the Lions who can mentor him.

Pick #77 Bruce Carter OLB/North Carolina - I have to agree with the prediction from and I too think Carter will be available by the 3rd round for the Lions.  As I said, ACL injuries are always risky, especially at the LB position but I think he would be too good to pass up should he fall into their lap at pick #77.  He has good speed, angle pursuit, awareness and a strong commitment to the game.  The Lions apparently are very interested in him and almost all mock drafts I have read have him going to the Lions at some point.

Pick #107 John Moffitt C/G / Wisconsin - There is a very good chance he will be available in the 4th round and he could fit very well in case Peterman’s foot starts bothering him again and could eventually fill in for Dominic in a few years when his game starts to decline from age.


Pick # 154 Deunta Williams S/North Carolina - We still don't have a SOLID safety to compliment Delmas and Williams would probably the best player available in the 5th round.  Williams is a FS and so is Delmas but Louis has shown to be able to play both and considering we are extremely low on DB's in general, I think this would be a great addition.  The interesting thing about Williams is that he also had a very successful career playing WR and even some RB at UNC and this strategy has worked out well for teams in the past such as the Patriots for drafting guys who can play multiple positions

Pick #205 Alex Green RB/Hawaii - As much as the hype I hear about this guy, the majority of it I've heard from all of you on this site and surprisingly full mock draft boards have him going anywhere in between the 5th to the 7th round.  Even though his combine time was a 4.5, his YouTube Videos proved that he really turns on the jets when it really counts and that’s during the game.  He has great vision and uses his blockers very well and has great breakaway speed.  If I am completely wrong about this and he gets picked up two rounds earlier, I sure as heck hope it was the Lions who did it.



This is my wish list and I don't think it’s as far-fetched as it looks.  I think these guys will all be the best available on the board when we are on the clock and it addresses needs on both sides of the ball. 

If an Offensive Lineman is taken in the 1st round I won't be too disappointed.  I'm starting to understand more and more because we have an aging Backus and a RT who just had microfrature surgery which is always a crap shoot so this might be a smart pick.  I do however completely disagree with taking D Bowers if he falls into our laps.  If there are concerns about the fact that he might need microfrature surgery than why in the hell would we want to take the risk??  Other teams are passing on him for a reason and we should for the exact same.  The Lions have been plagued with injuries for years and Bowers would be brought in and would be playing a heck of a lot considering Cunningham loves to sub in fresh D lineman during a series. 

Right now we have to prepare for the fact that we may not have the opportunity to sign free agents and in the event of that possibility, I think something along the lines or similar to my picks would put them in good position to compete this year.


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