The Matt Millen Dunk Tank

I must admit that I cannot take credit for this idea.  It was proposed by The Profiler in the thread about signing a petition to keep Matt Millen from coming to Ford Field for the Monday Night Football game between the Lions and Bears on October 17, 2011.

The more I thought about this idea, the better it sounds!

The Lions could set up the dunk tank for a couple hours before the game against the Bears as part of the pre-game festivities.  It could be done early enough in the day where it would not be too cold and the tailgaters are not real drunk yet.  Though the part of about sober tailgaters might be wishful thinking.


The event could charge $10 or even $20 per throw to dunk Millen, and they would still get plenty of takers.  The proceeds could go to a good local charity like Children's Hospital of Michigan.  It is an opportunity to make some decent money for a worthy charity.

Matt Millen could give the Detroit fans a bit of a catharsis by participating in this event.  The Lions could put the event on the big scoreboard screen prior to the game and get the fans inside the stadium involved in the festivities.  ESPN could even televise a bit of it to promote the Lions and the NFL in the charitable work they do.  Maybe NFL Charities could even give a few bucks.  Millen could talk about it later on the telecast.

If Millen is personable and humorous with the Detroit fans during the event he could help dissipate some of the anger that is felt toward him.  I know it would be difficult and Millen would take some heavy abuse, but it really would let some folks get it out of their system a bit and help people put it all behind them.

I really think that this could be a super idea for everybody involved.  The only real downside is the possibility that some idiot might try to do something genuinely harmful to Matt Millen.  But there are plenty of ways to solve that.  Millen doesn't have to actually be out with the crowd.  He can be in a more secure location where the dunk tank is triggered remotely and cameras show all the action.

What I want to know, is should we have somebody contact ESPN and suggest this event for the Monday Night Game as a way of making his appearance in Detroit more palatable.  The Profiler would be the best choice since it is his idea.  But I will do it if he is not interested.

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