Dream Baby Dream

I read an article by Bob Wajnowski this morning and I have to admit I got a kick out of the whole thing.  Theres nothing like a good article about the Detroit Lions thatscompletely laced with sarcasm!

He basically jokes about the current status of the NFL lockout and then blends it with realistic W-L predictions mixed with some funny predictions about the game.  Here are some of the highlights I got a kick out of:

Situation: Mr. Goodell, Player X and the Mediator in negotiations of the CBA.

Goodell: "How long we been in here?"

Player X: "Three hours. Dang, I'm hungry."

(Silence.) (Clock ticking.) (At end of conference table, game of paper football breaks out.)

Goodell: "Domino's?"

Player X: "Absolutely not. Jimmy John's."

Mediator (rubbing forehead): "Chinese it is."

My favorites were probably his in game predictions.  Even though we are... well 99% sure some of this won't happen, its at least a cool thought!

Oct. 10 vs. Chicago, Monday night:The Ford Field return of Rod Marinelli! And Mike Martz! And Matt Millen! And "Fire Millen!" Lions 20-16

Nov. 13 at Chicago: Bears gain psychological edge by unveiling chalk outline in end zone where Calvin Johnson allegedly failed to Complete the Process. Bears 22-14

Nov. 20 vs. Carolina: Only guaranteed victory of the year. Panthers top pick Cam Newton holds out, refusing to take pay cut from Auburn. Lions 34-6

Dec. 11 vs. Minnesota:Suh and first-round pick Da'Quan Bowers combine to sack new Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb seven times. Lions 23-3

Dec. 18 at Oakland:Lions $85 million free-agent Nnamdi Asomughaleads way with three interceptions against former team. (Dream, baby, dream.) Lions 31-16

On a personal level, I think he's about dead on when Monday Night Football comes to Ford Field.  No matter what happens, it will be the worst night of Matt Millens life!  The minute he steps foot on that field to give his "expert analysis" on the game, "Fire Millen" will be chanted Non Stop.  I swear October 10th feels like Christmas day right now.

Also I do agree with the score against the Panthers however I do think Cam Newton will be signed.  Ithink Cam Newton will be an absolute flop and that he is not worth 1/2 of the hype he is getting right now.  But of course what do i care? we aint drafting him!

The part about Asomugha... is it weird to think that its just so unlikely for him to come here that it just might happen?  I know we have the cap space and were getting enough star power and to attract him.  Having it be sold to him as the missing piece to a perfect fit might be a good selling point.  But the article says... "Dream, baby, dream"

Da'Quan Bowers- Ok everyone knows I'm not crazy about this pick because I've taken a long gulp of the Microfracture Surgery Kool Aid...BUT... if we do pick him and he turns out to be completely healthy and makes our D-Line what I think it will make it (gettin goose bumps).... oooooohhhhh shit!


Happy Easter!

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