Lions Draft Strategies and the U. S. S. R.



Many have said that the best way to become a consistent winner is to build to win your division first and foremost. The first order of business is to give the NFC North an identity. Looking at the Packers, the most clear traits are a franchise quarterback with a lethal receiving corps and a defense centered around generating pressure to the quarterback. The Bears also feature a franchise quarterback along with a dangerous receiving corps to compliment an aging, but stout defense that thrives on keeping the score low and providing turnovers. The Vikings may be on the downturn, but they still have Adrian Peterson, along with Percey Harvin and Sydney Rice, and a defense that only needs to restock a few pieces to become fearsome again.

For lack of a better description, the best way to describe the NFC North, in a single term would be "arms race". A division who has provided the NFC with three of the past four NFC Championship teams, along with last years Super Bowl Champions. Looking ahead the path seems to be clear. The Packers are looking to retool and make another run this year. They only need to account for projected losses at free agent and retool their offensive line along with recovering from last years war wounds. The Bears are looking to solidify their offensive line as well and add a receiving threat for for Jay Cutler. They also may want to revitalize that aging defense. The Vikings are in the worst shape as they look for a franchise quarterback, a complimentary deep threat or possibly replacement for Sydney Rice, and replacements for their aging defensive front four and secondary. They are also in the most dire need of retooling their offensive line.

So it is clear what the opposition must do to combat the Lions newfound weapon Ndomukong Suh. However, what is the best course of action for the Lions? To answer that question let us first look into the obvious. In this cold war-esque environment the Lions are living in, the clear trump card is to counter other teams nuclear arsenal directly. In the spirit of Star Wars enter those who would seek to neutralize our foes franchise quarterbacks and passing attacks with a corner back to throw a defensive net over the field. We will call this the Star Wars strategy, Ronald Regan, the Detroit Lions salute you.

Looking at something from just one side would not only be narrow minded, but also irresponsible. After all the U. S. S. R. was not defeated in the cold war in just one day or one way. In fact, some would say that it never truly has ended. Enter the fight fire with fire strategy. Yes and arms race! Who could the Lions possibly find in this years arsenal of weapons that would allow them to nuke the opponents more times than they could nuke the Lions? Conventional wisdom would lead you to a complimentary deep threat to Calvin Johnson. Not only would it provide the Lions with more nuking power, but also allow them to continue to nuke if their main weapon is taken out of play. We will call this the walking on the moon strategy, President Kennedy, the Detroit Lions salute you.

Ahh but there is another way yet "young Grasshopper"! Time to take the gloves off and play dirty, get our hands in the mud. Perhaps the best way to win a cold war is through attrition! Yes! Let us lead the Lions down a path where the enemy spends more on their weapons arsenal to keep the war going! Lets do this all on the sly too so that no one sees the true source of this vile new attack. The best way to do that is to first find weapons on the cheap that can counter all of the Lions enemies weapons. Phase one of this new attack would be to add a featured anchor in the middle of the Lions offensive line, one that would allow the Lions weapons to reach through any walls that may be built. Be this wall in Berlin or Minnesota, the Lions will break it down! Phase two would provide the Lions with a cheap delivery system to counter the opponents superior, and more pricey fire power. The best way to do this would be to find a bruising power runner that can not only wear a defense down, but also keep opponents high powered offenses out of play. This is perhaps the most critical element of the overall strategy, because it will allow the Lions to win on an unfair battle field, in Lambeau and Soldier Fields, in the middle of December. Central Intelligence Agency, the Detroit Lions salute you.

So there you have it, one mans take on how the Lions can employ the very same strategies the United States of America did to win their cold wars and arms races to win the NFC North. One last point, while the U. S. took years and millions, er billions, uhm.. possibly trillions of dollars to accomplish this very same plan the Lions can fare much better. Oh yes, they can win this war in a day, draft day, should we call it D-Day 2K11?

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