10 things to keep in mind for draft day

 The draft is less that 24 hours away and we're all excited I am sure. I expect many of you like myself will be here on POD as it all unfolds. Others will be watching with family or in a bar ect.. No matter what your draft day plans include here are my 10 tips. Things you should keep in mind as the draft unfolds.

10. Even the the guys who get paid to project the draft are wrong most of the time. It is a crazy process so take everything they say into consideration but don't let it make your judgement for you.

9. You can't get all the guys you want wether it be Prince Amukamara, Akeem Ayers or Mark Ingram measuring the odds there is a small chance we select any single player.

8. Support the players I mean I can't stand when the fans boo a draft pick ( See Mcnabb). While I and others aren't supportive of certain picks try to keep a postive approach to the player. Someone must like him or we would not  have selected him.

7. The 1st pick is very important but it dosen't mean the draft is a failure. You may not be blowin away by the pick but move on there are 6 more rounds to go.

6. It's not the end of the world, The NFL draft is no excuse for a mental breakdown to many people focus on the sexy picks. Sometimes sensible or safe can be just as good.

5. Anything can happen and I mean anything especially this year so keep an open mind throught the process. All GMs and coaches do. Just stick around for the ride!

4. Reserve judgment I'm all for grading drafts and discussing afterwords but try not to rip apart the draft before it's over. This especially goes for the 1st 2 rounds.

3. There will be free agency at some point. If all of the holes are not filled by the end of the draft. Don't fret all of that will be taken care of before kickoff.

2. Offensive lineman are an important part of the game. They get no respect but every team needs them and the more impactful lineman you have the better off your QB will be. So if this happens it's not a bad thing.

1. Most important of all...Trust in Mayhew!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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