The Lions Can't Go Wrong...


I don’t know where my head is at today; I think it’s just because I’m in the best mood ever because tonight is the draft!  It’s finally hear!  And with that saying, I don’t know if the Lions could go wrong at all the positions they were talking about.

Since the end of the season, I have heard talk about the Lions taking a OT, G/C, RB, DE, OLB, and CB!   Pretty hard to predict eh?


How could they go wrong picking any of them?  They have needs in all of these positions. 


OT-Say what you want about Backus but for better or worse he is getting old.  He will be going into his 11th year and sooner or later the miles are going to catch up to him.  Godser knee is a question, he had microfracture surgery and no matter how anybody downplays it… there is a considerable list of athletes who never truly return to their full form.  Bottom line, the OT needs to be addressed.


G/C-Sims did a fantastic job last year finally filling in that Left Guard spot that has been a problem over the last few years but we still have to worry about Peterman.  He’s a solid right guard, but I would try and upgrade that position in a heartbeat however, the 1st round caliber player would be Mike Pouncey and #13 is way too early. Bottom Line, you won’t see G/C be addressed in the first round.


RB- Javid Best is a stud period. Can he run the ball 20 times a game?  I don’t know yet.  Why chance it?  We need to keep that kid around for as long as possible and keep him healthy.  What we cannot do is basically do what Miami did to Ricky Williams years ago and have the kid run 30+ times a game, we need a compliment for Javid Best, and a different kind of runner.  Bottom Line, RB would not be a bad choice in the 1st round should the Lions find themselves in a situation where an RB is the best available i.e. Mark Ingram.


DE- You can NEVER have enough Defensive Lineman or Ends.  Cliff had a great season and so did KVB until he got injured… and so did Jackson and everyone else!  Why not add to that depth?  Da’Quan Bowers or Cameron Jordan would fit perfectly in with our D-Line and would make it a bigger showcase than it already is.  Bottom Line, if the right player is there than yes take him.  HOWEVER, I do not think the answer is Aldon Smith and will probably be the only pick I will not be happy with.


OLB – What can we say?  We have nothing!  But who will be there at #13?  Unless the Lions get crazy and decide they want Von Miller who doesn’t fit their system, we won’t touch an OLB until the 2nd round.  Bottom Line, we won’t take an OLB in the 1st round unless we trade down about 10 spots for another late round pick.


CB- It’s like when someone tells you not to look down, what do you do?!  A CB is such a huge temptation right now because we want and need a CB desperately.  Patrick Peterson will not be there when the Lions Pick.  And honestly I don’t think two other people have been analyzed by the Lions and the fans more carefully than Prince Amukamara and Jimmy Smith.  Because we’ve done so much homework on them, we’ve never been more apprehensive about taking them.  I even heard crazy rumors about the Lions trading picks to move up and take Peterson.  I’m ok with that!  As much as I want them to take a CB, it just feels like it’s a temptation to the “Dark Side!”  Bottom Line, CB needs to be addressed but proceed with caution!




I think after going through each position anyone will agree with me that virtually any pick of those positions will serve the Lions very well.  Mike Golic stated this morning that fans don’t like OL picks because it’s just not a sexy pick in the first round… I’m ok with it not being sexy because our $45 million dollar QB needs protection and if there’s room for an upgrade, so be it.   

The good thing about the Lions this year is we do not need to draft a QB at any point!  What’s even better about the first round is everyone is completely brainwashed over the QB’s available which only gives the Lions more options.


Personally I think the QB’s are so overhyped this year that virtually no one will benefit by drafting them in the 1st round other than Blaine Gabbert.

Seriously, please tell me what Cam Newton did in between the end of the NFL season to this point right now that improved his stock so much to the #1 overall pick??   His combine performance?  LOL!  After watching that on TV I thought he was doomed!  But then one more morning, everyone’s buzzing about the guy and for the life of me I don’t see the reason why!   But again, what do I care?  Were not drafting him, that’s Carolina’s problem.  As a matter of fact, I hope the teams do believe that false hype on these QB’s because it only helps Detroit in the long run.  Go ahead and disagree with me on this, I promise if your eventually wrong I won’t be rubbing it in because I care about the Lions success, not the down fall of other teams due to bad draft picks.


Have fun tonight boys… enjoy the entire draft.  Tonight’s menu for me is the “Budro Special” which consists of a gigantic meat lovers pizza from Pizza Hut and a 6-Pack of Budweiser.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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