EE's Big Board Challenge RESULTS!

As some of you may recall I issued a challenge to y'all to compare predictions on the top 5 players to be chosen of QB, OL, RB, WR, DL/LB, and DB.  It's too bad more people didn't chime in with predictions on this challenge, but it did make scoring it easier lol!  I enjoyed seeing the entries and how people were blown out of the water by a few of the actual picks.  The grand prize is my permission to kick Matt Millen in the nuts!  We all come out winners in this case :)  Scoring was 100 for picking the player correctly as he came off the board and 50 for picking a top 5 player but out of order.  This means a total possible score of 3000

So the brainiac who was best able to pick these positional groups is....

a tie!  Evilsmurf and Gyorick did quite well by each getting a score of 1950!

Coming in third place was jfisch with 1850.  

The distinction of the least brainy of this brainy group falls to... Ee Oulo with a score of 1500 (reports are he claims it was rigged!!)

I broke it down by position to see who had a good feel for each group.  With a possible score of 500 for each the best pickers were:

QB @ 300 Evilsmurf, Gyorick, LionsPistonsFan, randalljwhite, Adam Keith

OL @ 400 Evilsmurf

RB @ 400 jfisch

WR @ perfect 500 Adam Keith

DL/LB @ 250 CapitolLions

DB @ perfect 500 Gyorick


I was curious to see how the pros would have fared in my little challenge so I did some checking.  Unfortunately I dont have access to Mayock, Gosselin, Kipper, or McShay's predictions so if anyone would care to pass them on to me I'll grade it, or if they'd like to grade it I'd love to see the results.  I was however to get results for Walter and the NFP (national football post)

Walter came in with a total score of 1850 which would have landed him at a tie for 3rd.  He also got a 400 on the QB portion which would have been highest for that group and everything else he ranged 250-350 not blowing any area.

The NFP on the other hand ended up with a score of 1600 which would have been good for 3rd lowest out of our 11 entrants.  

I hope you found this as entertaining as I did!  Now go get me those results for the other pros so we can compare!!

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