UDFA Wishlist

By now we all must have no doubt that it's very very difficult to get into the head of this FO and pick what players they like or should/shouldn't pick up.  That said, lets all declare players we think they should pickup in UDFA bwahaha!  I'm aware we're not able to actually sign or even talk to any UDFA at this point but I think it might be a tad bit early to start doing 2021 mock drafts so have at it!


Here's a few UDFA for you to consider and hopefully the FO is on the scent (which I'm sure they are!!!).  I'm sure there's even more but I'm having a bit of info overload regarding players after 2 days of watching the draft (I had to miss todays :(   

I broke it down into 2 sections, those I can't believe didn't get drafted (WTF!) and those who have talent worth looking at further (YAR!)


Mark Herzlich, LB  BC  I know he has questions around him, but WTF! I can't believe nobody took a gamble on this high character kid with at least a later round pick.


Tim Barnes, C  Missouri  WTF! I personally had him as one of the top 3-4 C in the draft!  Sure he was raw but he had great anchor at Missouri.  He's strong enough to get good redirection in the run game.  I just think he's got a lot of room to grow.  Obviously I'm over evaluating him as 32 groups of pros at this didn't exend even a stinkin late round pick.  I'm even more shocked he's UDFA than Herzlich!


Jake Kirkpatrick, C TCU  WTF!  How's does the 2009 Rimington finalist and 2010 Rimington winner (award for best C in the country) not get drafted!!! WTF!  I realize he does play a bit high but this cat is quite good.  He's very intelligent and aware of what's unfolding he's quick and able to adjust.  He's highly athletic and I thought capable of being coached up to learn to adjust his stance.  I'm even more shocked he's undrafted than I am Barnes!!  Bring him in Mayhew!


Deandre Mcdaniel, S  Clemson  OMGWTF! This is also quite stunning.  I realize there's some character issues and he isn't the fastest of guys out there, but c'mon!  He was a near consensus top S coming into the year and he played well too.  He's got a sick football sense and can make up for speed issues.  He's great in coverage and against the run.  He's a solid tackler early or in open space.  I really must be missing something here because I thought he was a lock for at the very lowest the 3rd round... but that's why I'm not making the big bucks...


Deunta Williams, S WTF!  NC  Sure he has had issues, don't make Deunta smack a bitch (I kid I kid, ok there's some character issues) and he did break his leg late in the year so was absent all offseason, but c'mon!  This kid was also a near consensus top flight S going into the year.  I can see why he wasn't taken early, but I thought for sure some team would take a risk on him!  He's very good in coverage although he is a bit of a gambler and can blow plays trying to score big.  While he would fit better into a more traditional role of a FS I think he'd be great for us!


Lester Jean, WR  FL Atlantic  I suppose deep down I figured this guy wouldn't get drafted, but man I find it hard to believe!  What I see in him is a poor mans CJ, ok a very poor mans CJ,  I can live with that!   He has a lot to work on but would, imo, easily win a 4th or 5th wr spot on our crew.   I hope they bring him in!  Hell I was mocking, ok begging, they use a late round pick on this cat.


Henry Hynoski, FB  Pitt  Ok I know FB often to go UDFA but I thought this baller would get snagged up!  He's without a doubt a throwback type willing blocker that loves to lay out LB.  He's also capable of carrying the rock and has a developing set of hands.  I really don't have much regard for Felton so I really hope they bring Hynoski in!


Ryan Jones, CB NW Missouri State   He's a small school guy that is raw in talent but has huge potential.  Once again I thought it was a lock some team would take a chance on him in the later rounds, but once again what do I know!??!  He's good good speed and is really a ball hawk causing havoc and ints.  He's going to need Gunny to set him straight but he has a chance to even develop into a starter imo.   I don't think there's a UDFA CB I'd more like us to bring in!~



Kai Forbath, K  UCLA  Kai is a strong legged K with fantastic accuracy,   If we're going be letting Rainer challenge for the job I'd really like to see Kai brought in to give a fresh perspective.  At the worst he can be a camp leg, but I think he deserves more than that!  Granted there are other UDFA kickers available but I don't feel like outlining all of them and this guy seems like the cream of the crop to me.


Kevin Rutland, CB  Missouri  Sure he doesn't have as much exp as others, but he made a decent showing in his last year.  He's got solid speed, 4.46 and great height/length 6'0  He's reasonably fluid but may end up as a S, np!  I think he'd make for great depth and we should be taking a look.


Ryan Hill, CB  Miami  Sure he had some injury issues and only spent one year as a DB (the other 2 as a WR) but he had some good tape against good receivers.  He's going to get into someones camp and at the least a PS.  If he picks the right team he should be able to come in as depth.  If he gets the right coaching he just might turn in to something.


Will Hill, S  FSU  He's a solid special teamer but perhaps not the most instinctual guy in coverage.  I thought he'd get drafted based on his athletisism, but alas here he is UDFA undoubtedly due to his dire need of further training.  Maybe a year on the PS could get him a job as depth/st at the least.


Jeff Maehl, WR  OR  Honestly I'm not convinced he could beat out Toone for a spot as a scraping over the middle guy but it'd be interesting to see him try!  He's got a way of making things happen.


Tori Gurley, WR  SC  (this ones for you Det32!)  He's a big guy with great hands.  He's a 4.5 range guy and hasn't been great after the catch however.  He'd be a good look as a depth option due to his reliability and maybe he can learn a thing or two and further impress.

Courtney Smith, WR  S. Alabama  I can understand why he didn't get drafted due to character issues.  However he does have solid speed and great size physicality.  His focus has been lax however and is the definition of a project.  I think there's upside if he can get his head on straight and the UDFA price is right to take a chance perhaps.


Undoubtedly there's more pearls to try and harvest from this pile of UDFA oysters than I've listed.  What shells do suspect contain a prize?  I'll be VERY interested to see who the FO brings in once they're able.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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