Thank goodness Mayhew dislikes draft experts!!!!

This was not only an exciting but it was an unbelievable draft for the Lions. Thankfully, the FO followed its course and not the writers ideas of what had to be upgraded on the Lions. There were good reasons for the picks they made.


Nick Fairley was an obvious choice, none of us here on POD could have guessed he would have been available at #13. We've been mocking lesser players at that spot. Did this pick improve our ball club? Ask our rivals!

The second round was dedicated to our franchise player Matt Stafford. I'll explain my view of the T.D. Young pick:

This kid is fast, quick and has good hands. If calvin has double coverage, chances are Nate or T.D. is open. That affords Staff to dump the ball within the 3.5 second time limit. It may save him from further injury since he may not have to hang onto the ball for such a long time and take a vicious pounding like the one Peppers gave him.Aside from that, Young has value as a KR and punt returner. He can also be the gunner and spell Logan on the ST. If you don't call this value, I must be dumb. This kid can fill a number of positions and has added depth just as Logan's back up on special assignments.


Mikel Leshoure first and foremost in my mind comes here as a good blocking back in pass protection. We didn't have this luxury last year in the first game when Peppers injured Staff. He can afford our QB more time to deliver the ball and get out of harm's way. What more do you want?

He also averaged 6 YPC in college, is a bruising back with good speed and good hands as a safety valve out of the backfield. He is another perfect fit for the Lions. He was worth every penny of that trade with Seattle. Like Pettigrew, he will offer better protection for Staff's blind side and possibly free up Pettigrew for quick slants up the middle. His addition brings tremendous value to this team.


For the defense, apart from Fairley, many are dejected we didn't address positions of need. Looking at the LB and CB crop in this year's draft, could it be that the FO firmly believed there was better value to be picked at other positions? Apart from Von Miller and Patrick Peterson, the drop off was significant in spite of the run on QB's.

Looking at Pratt, Phonz, Prince Miller, Tye Hill, Vasher, Houston... what would have Brandon Harris brought us that we don't have right now? More of the same to me, not worth drafting. Our CB's are steadily improving so I don't think Harris was seen as a value pick.

Akeem Ayers had a poor combine, a poor year on a bad team where videos of his performance showed that he was always late and quit on plays. Did you really think that he would be a fit in Detroit? I wish him well In Tennessee and am thankful we're not stuck with him.

What I see is that we pick talent and versatility over need. I agree with the BPA approach and the way they make picks to suit needs without us not noticing what these athletes bring to the table.

For those who say we should have gone for Herzlich, he is a wonderful kid, he's come a long way but the truth is that at this point he can't play professional football in any league. He is way too slow ( remember the Senior Bowl?), I think I could outrun him and I ain't no spring chicken. He's not back yet from that devastating illness and I'm pulling for him to make it to the NFL. He deserves it, maybe soon if his rehab progresses.

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