Lockout Insanity

A very wise friend of mine who founded a successful hedge fund and was one of the first people in the world to warn Geitner of the impending economic crisis(his fund does mainly mortgage backed securities), told me a story about the days before he was his own boss.

He was by far the top earner at this firm. He didn't feel he was being compensated fairly. He threatened to walk. The owner freaked out and said......I will give you 80% of what you bring in and then it hit my friend. He could take this guy to the cleaners. So he told the owner no and started his own business. Why? because if you make a deal with a partner while they are under stress and you get too good of a deal it will always....end badly. 

My friend makes a bit less now as his own boss than he would have at the larger firm paying him 80% but he is much happier and in a situation where he and his partners work together without worry. It seems like the last deal the NFLPA made was bound to make the owners unhappy and now the players don't just want things to stay the same they want more.

A few thoughts.

1. Who could have a problem with restructuring the rookie pay scale? Think of the money our franchise lost to Harrington, WR's galore, Ernie Sims and never got anything in return for it.

2. The players aren't partners in the strictest sense. They don't help pay for stadiums and maintenance of facilities and........THEY DON'T SHARE THEIR ENDORSEMENT DEALS!!!!!! No one wants to talk about this. If the players were partners they would be pooling their money from endorsements into the pot to be shared. But they are not. And that helps the richer players.

3. Clearly the owners need to help retired players in general but especially those with health problems. Also, they need to reward players that produce.  Think Arian Foster.  Maybe they could take money from the years 3 biggest busts and transfer it the overachievers.

Of coarse there is much much more to be said.  I just wanted to throw things our here to start a discussion and hit on a few points that don't often get talked about or addressed.  I am particularly interested in hearing what people have to say about endorsement money.

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