Pro Football Focus' interview with the man known as LoJack

    I think normally this would be a Fanshot.  Since there is not much going in the NFL, and since nobody really reads the Fanshots.  I thought that I would do a Fanpost

  This is a very interesting read to me.  Jackson talks about many topics.  From his recent ankle surgery, his hate of Tony Romo, and what he is doing in the off-season.  He recalls his time in Seattle.  Talks about the Miami game when he was matched up against Jake Long.  And Lo Jack goes over the "Restore the Roar" mentality that is getting noticed by the media and football fans.

  LoJack is becoming one of my favorite Lions.  I think he does not get the due attention he deserves.  Not only is he a great pass rusher.  But he is as equally good in stopping the run.  He will play a big part of the Lion's future going forward.

Here are some snips of the interview:

Steve Wyremski (SW): How’s everything?  Offseason treating you well?

Lawrence Jackson (LJ): Yeah, it’s going pretty well. This is my first offseason where I finally have my priorities in line in terms of understanding what I need to do as an athlete and where I want to take my athletic ability in the future.  This is by far the best, hardest and most efficient I’ve worked out in the offseason since I’ve been in the league.  It’s been a different training regimen just because I’m doing rehab.  In general, it’s the best offseason I’ve had to date.


SW: You talk about the additional range of motion you have and will have.  How do you think that’s going to impact your play on the field?

LJ: For one, it helps my get-off.  Looking at last year’s film, when I’d get off on the left side my right knee would buckle in on take off.  In driving off the foot, the ankle’s supposed to collapse, but when I would get off it would be bone on bone and to create that range of motion my knee would have to go in and I’d waste so much energy and momentum.  It was like I’d taken off in a race and kept skidding out when everybody else was moving forward.  The main thing is that everything in my glute is [now] firing right and that will give me more thrust on take off.

SW: In 2010, you recorded a sack every 18 snaps (ranked 3rd in the league among 4-3 DEs).  You also recorded a stop every 42 snaps (ranked 2nd in the league among 4-3 DEs).  What about your game do you attribute that to?

LJ: I feel like I’m a great problem solver, I’m analytical, and I’m a student of the game. My years in college and my first two years in the league, I had a problem of thinking too much. Jim Mora sat me down and said, "Look…you think too much.  You need to figure out a way to get all your work done during the week so you don’t think."  Now I understand the difference between reading the book before the play and trusting my abilities before the ball is snapped.  I have a problem [if I’m] not getting to the ball. I want to get to the ball every single play. I want to make a difference every single play. I take it personal when they try to run to my side. I don’t like being denied. [All of these factors] makes for a tough day for your opponent.


Here is the entire interview




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