The Lions All Century Team

We've established the fact that we have a wide range of ages writing on POD.  I decided to pick my all time line-up for the Lions.  I'm going all the way back to 1929 Portsmouth Spartans until now.  The purpose of this is just for fun so please don't have a heart attack if I I passed over somebody from 1935.

Offense -

QB- Bobby Layne (1950-1958) - This is an obvious choice.  His stats compared to today's average QB are not very good; 196-243 for TD/INT ratio and a 63.4 QB rating.  Bobby's leadership and clutch play guided the Lions to 3 championships in the 1950's and also to 5 pro bowls (4 w/ the Lions).  He credited by some for being the innovator of the 2-Minute offense.

RB- Barry Sanders (1989-1998) - The man who people will be still watching You-Tube on 100 years from now.  Barry was the most exciting and important piece to the little success the Lions had in the 1990's.  Every time he ran the ball, you knew that somebody was going to break their ankle just trying to get in position to stop him.  10x Pro Bowler and a League MVP.  It would take a paragraph to put all of his accomplishments just as a Lion and because of that, we all remember the two that he DOESN'T have.  The All Time rushing record and Super bowl Ring.  Barry was not only the best RB the Lions ever had (and there were a few who deserve Honorable Mention) and was probably the best to ever play the game.

FB- Corey Scheslenger (1995-2006) - I didn't go with John Henry Johnson because even though he is a HOF player, he was only with the Lions for a few years in the 50's.  Corey played with us for 11 seasons and always a pro bowl alternate behind Mike Alstott.  Corey probably could have been better than Alstott but we just never gave him the ball as much.

WR- Calvin Johnson (2007 to Present) - Even during the darkest days of the Lions, Calvin Johnson has been of the rays of positive light for good things to come.  Even during the Lions notorious 0-16 season, he lead the league in TD's with 12.  His huge 6'5" frame makes him a mismatch for anyone in the league.  Now that the Lions have gotten him more help, 2011 could be his best season yet.

WR-Herman Moore (1991 - 2001) - 3x 100 catch seasons, 4 pro bowls and a long successful career with the Lions during their playoff years with Barry and Wayne.

TE- Charlie Sanders (1968 - 1977) - a 7x Pro Bowler and a part of the 1970's All Decade Team.  Charlie was known to be phenomenal blocker and a dangerous receiver and is now in the HOF.

T- Lou Creekmur - (1950 -1959) - Lou basically played everything for the Lions including Tackle, Guard and sometimes Defensive Tackle.  8x Pro Bowler, 7 All Pro Team's, 3 NFL championships and a HOF member.

T- Lomas Brown (1985 -1995) - 7 Pro Bowls and one of the most durable and remarkable Tackles of his time.  He was most noted for his excellent blocking during the "Run and Shoot Era" which is not an easy assignment.  He capped off his long career with a Super bowl Ring with the Buc's.

G - Harley Sewell (1953-1962) - Known to be a complete work horse and an early representation on what it means to be a player in Detroit.  Started as a rookie and was known to be the best conditioned guy on the team.  He went to 4 Pro Bowls in his career with Detroit.

G - Keith Dorney (1979 - 1987) - Played both Guard and Tackle for the Lions, his biggest assignment in Detroit was lead blocking for Billy Sims.  He earned one trip to the Pro Bowl in his time in Detroit.

C - Kevin Glover (1985 - 1997) - One of the most well respected men at that time, played 12 years with the Lions are was also known for his durability.  3x Pro Bowler.



DE- Robert Porcher (1992-2004) - 3x Pro Bowler and 3x All Pro Selection.  He finished his career in Detroit with 95.5 sacks.

DE - Darris McCord (1955-1967) - A former Pro Bowler, was a beloved figure in Detroit having played 13 season and only missing one regular season game.  He was part of the "Fearsome Foursome" along with Alex Karras. 

DT- Jerry Ball (1987-1992) 3x Pro Bowler with the Lions, Jerry was an absolute anchor and could play DT or Nose Guard if needed. 

DT-Alex Karras (1958-1970) - The Mad Duck played his entire career with the Lions including 4 Pro Bowl appearances on the 1960's All Decade team.

LB - Joe Schmidt (1953-1965) - One of the best football players to play the game and a guy I wish we had in present day.  He played 12 years with the Lions and went to 10 pro bowls and is now in the HOF.  He also coached the Lions from (1967-1972).  He wasn't the Lions favorite coach of all time but then again who was?!

LB- Alex Wojciechowicz (1938-1946) - A HOF player, and never got the recognition he truly deserved while playing in Detroit while holding a few team records and going to 2 pro bowls. He would eventually go on to play for the Eagles and win two championships.

LB - Chris Spielman (1988-1995) - Went to 4 Pro Bowls with the Lions and was nucleolus to the Lions early 1990's success.  In my opinion, #54 should be retired in Detroit.

CB/S - Dick LeBeau (1959-1972) - Part of the best secondary the NFL has ever seen, Dick played in Detroit for 12 years and is considered one of the best Corners to ever play in Detroit.  He went to the pro bowl 3 times and was just recently inducted into the HOF.

CB - Dick Lane (1960-1965) - Played 5 years in Detroit and went to pro bowl 7 times (3 with Detroit).  The Night Train was known for his hard hits and assault on WR's (even though he originally tried out in the NFL to be one) and was inducted into the HOF in 1974.

CB - Lem Barney (1967-1977) - Also one of the best DB's to play in Detroit, Lem went to 7 Pro Bowls, and had 7 selections to the All Pro Team.  He had 56 Career Interceptions and over 1000 yards in Special Teams.

S - Yale Lary (1952-1964) - 9 Pro Bowls and 9 All Pro Team selections.  Yale was one of the best Free Safety to ever play the game.  At that time it was considered the "Center Field" of the game.  He helped the Lions win 3 NFL championships.

Special Teams

K - Jason Hanson (1992 - Present)  - 2x Pro Bowler and The Lions All Time Leader in Points.

P- Yale Lary (1952 - 1964) - During this era, a lot of players played more than one position and during this time he was also an awesome punter noted for having great hang time and extremely accurate. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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