Could the Coaches be the ones to end the Lockout?

I read on this morning that the Coaches have figuratively sided with the players in the lawsuit and are getting involved themselves.  Considering everyone else has, why not the coaches too!? 

The NFL Coaches Association filed a brief with the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday expressing support for the players and saying that the lockout is putting their jobs in jeopardy. 

I think their absolutely right.

Let's be honest.  If your Bill Belichick or Sean Payton, you don't have much to worry about right now.  They are coaches of elite teams that are favorite to make a push for the Superbowl every year.  But what about Jim Harbaugh?  Has he even met his players yet?  Regardless if he has, he has to be sitting home right now thinking "How in the hell am I going to make this work if this thing doesn't end pretty soon?"  Coaches in the NFL aren't what they used to be.  You don't see guys like Tam Landry or Don Shula being the coach of their respective teams for 25 years.  Now a days if you don't produce within 2-3 years regardless of the situation you walked into; there is a good chance you are on the hot seat.  Even if you don't sense anything from the GM's at the time, ESPN does a great job of highlighting the fact that things aren’t looking to good for you.  Over the last few years ESPN has become less about sports and more about Drama... Their name should be "Extreme Sensationalism Programming Network."

Take Jim Schwartz for example.  Anyone who has paid attention to the Lions will say that they are A LOT better than what you see on paper.  Those last 4 wins are an example of what we should have been doing all year.  The fans love him, they love the job he has done in turning this team around and we love the job that Mayhew has done in giving him support.  But what if he has another losing season?  We have needs on our team that desperately need to fill and right now the Lions staff is sitting around helplessly knowing they can't do a damn thing about it.  Is that going to be a good enough reason to give certain coaches passes this year?

Regardless if anyone wants my opinion, here it is.  I do understand the owners side where they say operating under 2010's rules will start to cause an imbalance in competition and FA's will be more prone to sign with contenders rather than teams who struggled last year.  I think it’s the lesser of two evils.  Right now there is NO Balance.  There is NO Competition... this isn't anything!  How can the 8th circuit possible think that a WORK STOPPAGE brings more value at this current state as opposed to business as usual with a few uncertainties?  At least people will still have jobs while this thing gets sorted out.  At least the fans will still MAKE PURCHASES to keep revenue coming in so there is still Money to debate about how they’re going to eventually have to divide.

Am I making sense right now??  Is there something that I am missing here??  Is there some unknown element(s) that I just wouldn't know about just because I am not an NFL player, coach or owner?  I'm trying to understand how this is really that complicated for some to comprehend!  To me, the most pressing issues seem... kind of simple.


I sincerely hope that the judges really take the owners compliant as a valid concern next week when they ultimately decide the fate of the lockout.  The situation that were in right now does nobody any favors. NOBODY.  How can anyone justify as a work stoppage being more beneficial than virtually anything?  I hope that the Coaches complaint is the factor that ultimately shifts the leverage back in to the players side.  Ultimately they're the only ones left to not criticize. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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