The Only Thing Left To Talk About...

Have you noticed yet that the activity on POD has pretty much dropped since the Draft last weekend?  I have to say that hearing the announcement that the Lockout was back on last Saturday completely killed the entire draft for me, it just didn't seem as exciting anymore.  Detroit does have an advantage.

I will say that the one HUGE advantage of drafting a DL is that it’s not the hardest position to figure out no matter what level you are at.  Jimmy Schwartz recently answered a question if he was concerned about Fairly not having the benefit of OTA's or access to the facility.  He basically answered that they keep it pretty simple for the guys up front and with the leadership they already have at that position, he's confident it won't be as huge of a deal.

Speaking of which, I've seen some teams getting together and practicing on their own... I see our boys will be getting together next week including Mr. Stafford.

What I like most right now is that during this lockout, Roger Goodell isn't really secluding himself from the media like I thought he would.  When he first walked up to the podium at the Draft, the NY fans really gave him the gears and I'm glad they did.  He has repeatedly cited "The Fans" as one of the biggest motivating factors of getting this deal done.  As much as you would like to roll your eyes at it, he is telling the truth from a certain stand point.  The fans are what buys the tickets, orders the Direct TV package, buys the stale hot dogs, the flat $8 beer and the expired airline peanuts at the game!  ...thanks for the peanuts Mr. Jones ;-)  If you check out this morning he was talking with KC fans for about an hour and they asked good legit questions and I guess you could sense the frustration in his voice... not because he was being put on the spot but because he is starting to see this from a fans point of view rather than a business point of view.

If this drags out any longer, I can guarantee that everybody will be a loser as the end result no matter who gets a bigger slice of the pie.  The same owners will be around for 10-20 years but there are several players out there who are getting older.  One year is so precious to a football player in the NFL, especially running backs. 

Take a look at baseball.  After '94 season, you really didn't have any sympathy for anybody, we were just pissed in general because it came down to money.  If it weren’t for Mark Maguire and Sammy Sosa's big run at HR history, do you think people would have started watching baseball again? 

How about the NHL?  No matter who was right or wrong in that situation, the game has suffered.  The playoff's are broadcasted on the friggen hunting channel!  ESPN gives it about 2 minutes of exposure on Sports Center right after they get done talking about how awesome Derrick Rose is for 30 min!  Even though the Wings have been good for almost 20 years straight, it’s still tough for me get back into hockey since the lockout ended.

The biggest effect of this whole lockout is the "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" Factor."  Here is a good example...

In high school I was a huge Pro Wrestling Fan.  Those were the days when two programs were competing head to head on Monday Nights and I would tune in just to watch Stone Cold Steve Austin give his boss the Stunner.  Or even to watch The Rock humiliate wrestlers, announcers and even cameramen on a weekly basis.  I went to college and ironically Monday Night Raw moved from USA to TNN (Now Spike TV).  We didn't get TNN in our dorms so naturally I couldn't watch wrestling anymore.  This was in the fall of 2000.  After just 9 months, I went back home for the summer and because I hadn't seen the program in so long, I had really no motivation to watch it and it's been like that ever since.

The NFL is was more popular the Pro Wrestling was but don’t' get me wrong, pro wrestling was huge at one point and by not seeing it, I just didn't care much anymore.  That’s what I think what the effect will be on the "casual fan."

The people who come on to this sight religiously like I do are your fans who will watch it no matter how long it takes.  But what about the fan who just watches because its football and their trying to get into it? 

I hope Mr. Goodell's recent frustrations of lack of negotiations are going to light a fire to get things moving again.  Everyday this lockout continues; the game is further devalued.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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