There is more to a draft than filling a need…

This is my first post here, and for the most part is not directed to anyone on this site. In the recent week I have noticed a lot of naysayers about the Lions draft talking about how the Lions drafted horribly. So I wrote a post that is a bit too long to submit for any comments section on most sites and at the same time isn’t something that can be easily broken up with it still making sense. So I figured I would post it here because,


1.) Its about the Lions and it seems to make sense to post it here, and

2.) Some of you might actually enjoy reading it to some degree.


I understand that most of this might have been stated here already, but I’m just frustrated that people that know nothing about football or the Lions are complaining at what I see to be yet again another quality draft by the Lions management (hard to believe for three years I’ve been able to say that). So without further ado here what I said:


I am sick of hearing comments from people who don't truly understand the complexities of assessing talent...


In comparison to all the available picks on the board Fairley was the best possible option for the Lions. After that there was no real point to draft a LB, CB, or OL. Not one of these picks would have been a starter and they would have never of had an impact this year. Let me explain…


There were some real issues with Prince and his ability to cover even at the college level. On most receivers he was covering he was taking a seven step drop as compared to the traditional five steps. That alone is a huge warning sign that he isn’t as good of a cover corner (which is really what the Lions need for a CB) as he had to cheat back to keep up with receivers. Add to that he didn’t have one interception his senior year and is slightly undersized to boot. These are some real concerns. And compared to Smith everyone knew who the better of the two were. After that there was a huge drop off to the next corner. That’s too much risk if you ask me to draft someone that questionable that high in the first round. And it wasn’t like the Lions didn’t try to sell the farm to get Peterson…


After that there is LB. Now they weren’t in place to get the best LB in the draft, And Ayers was a projected low first, high second round selection so they had a chance to trade up in the second to get him. If not it would have been a reach for Ayers at the 13th pick. As much as it would have been nice to draft Ayers in the second round, you have to take into consideration you need to find a team that will give you a fair value trade to get him. It’s not always that easy to trade up to get someone. So Fairley was again the best choice. And really aside from drafting Hogue the Lions had no real reason to draft any other LB. Save Matthews....but the Leshoure trade took them out of getting him.


Now on to the O-line. There was no starting left tackles or centers when the Lions were on the clock (aside from Pouncey who a lot of people said would be a better guard then center considering he played guard at Florida while his brother was playing center, with the exception of last year) so why would you waste a first round pick on a project OL prospect? Add to that the fact that last year the Lions added a serviceable guard in Sims, why would you want to waste a high pick on another guard? It’s not a position to invest that much money into. Better to wait a year and see what you can get in the next draft for OT or see what free agents you can sign. On a personal note I didn’t want to see another Cherilus pick, he’s already our young RT and it’s not like they didn’t draft another young RT last year in Fox. I know that Stafford needs protection, but if you aren’t getting a better O-lineman then the one you already have, why would you waste a draft pick just to get an O-lineman? That's a move the “Moron Mogul” would have done...


 Fairley once again made sense.


If you looked at last years draft and the undrafted free agent pickups they actually have some quality young talent. Just look at Berry, Fox, Campbell, and Gerberry. All young project players that could pan out THIS YEAR. If you look at what the Lions drafted this year it was immediate starting talent, as compared to questionable picks that would have started simply because they were better then anything currently on the roster. You want a bad corner with a high pick? That gets you Alphonso Smith; just ask Denver how that worked out for them. If the Lions are able to re-sign Houston, and Berry is as good as the coaching staff says he is (if only he didn’t get hurt in the first game) then the lions have two quality CBs. Then by drafting Fairley the LB are covered with such an upfront push they can be second rate. And no I don’t think Levy is second rate. Not to mention a quality D-line makes it harder to throw, thus making the secondary look better.


And this isn't even taking into consideration the free agents they might pick up, like the Titans LB that says he wants to come to Detroit, getting him would make the need for an LB almost obsolete.


For everyone that wants to say that this was a bad draft, I say get a clue about how to coach, play, and draft football talent. I know the old adage, you are only as strong as your weakest link, but you have to take into consideration that if you bring the talent level up around your weakest area, it makes the weak link less of a vulnerability.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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