THE worst thing in the NFL

This is it, guys.  Time to decide THE worst thing in the NFL.  It has come down to this.  Let's see the results from the "fugly four."


Matt Millen  DEF  Dallas as "America's Team"  25-10

"Sanchize"  TIES  "The Blackout Rule"  17-17 (Looks like a vote got lost in there somewhere)  Coin flip goes to:  The Blackout Rule. 


Ok guys, here is the match-up we've all been waiting for.

Matt Millen




We all know that this guy is awful.  We all know what he did to our beloved franchise.  He very well be the worst thing in the NFL.  Here's why you should vote for him:

0-16.  31-97.  Mike Williams.  Charles Rogers.  Joey Harrington.  There are too many things wrong with this guy NOT to vote for him.  He was simply the worst GM I can ever remember.  Almost single-handily tore this franchise apart for awhile.  There are no words to describe how bad he was. 

Why you shouldn't vote for him:

He's out of our hair now.  We don't really have to see, listen, or think about him except for the occasional announcing job or dumb comment.  Time to let it go.


The Blackout Rule



Why you should vote for The Blackout Rule:

It's a terrible rule.  It makes little to no sense for this rule to be put in effect.  Just because seats at the game weren't filled to capacity means that fans that couldn't make it to the game don't get to watch it and have to resort to streaming games on shitty quality internet TV. 

Why you shouldn't vote for The Blackout Rule:

Because look who you are voting against.  You really think this rule could be worse than Matt Millen?  Plus, it's not like other teams have to worry about it as much.  Is it really the worst thing in the NFL?


Alright folks, last vote.  Time to make it count.  Please have this one REC'D and ready to go so everyone can see and vote on their choice.  To make this easier, I'm putting a poll at the end.  Just enter in your choice and comment if you want on the reasoning behind it.  But please, only the votes that are tallied in the poll will be counted.  Ready go.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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