Lockout/ Blackout / Who's Angry?

Hey POD.

I've been pretty angry over this damn lockout. The NFL has made it explicitly clear they don't care about the fans. I feel like the ugly girl getting a booty call. I know I'm getting used, but how else am I gonna get laid?

So, I've been thinking. What as fans can we do?

Many people have suggested boycotts. Don't buy tickets. Don't buy merch. Don't watch football. The thinking there is to hurt them where they'll feel it: in their pocketbooks. (well I guess I mean wallets, most owners are guys right?) There isn't much leverage fans have besides the money they spend. While I recognize the impact of this, I do not necessarily agree with it. That is because I firmly believe any lost revenue will trickle down to affect us fans through higher jersey prices, ticket prices, etc. in the future, when they try to make up for what was lost. Hence, hurting them financially seems to be really only hurting us financially in the long run (accepting the fact we are still fans despite this BS). 

This makes me feel helpless. What can be done if wielding our financial power might not be such a good idea?

Bighaircut made me think through his "worst thing in the NFL" series (I voted blackout rule. C'mon people, even if you ignore the fact that Millen is the past, Millen might be considered the worst thing for the Lions, but there is no way he is the worst thing in the whole NFL. In fact, I'd argue Millen was great for some teams since he helped them win games against the lions. If Millen wins, that will be proof of such homerism, okay anti-homerism maybe, on this site I would say the whole vote would be too biased and therefore won't mean much at all.)

I think we as fans should demand the blackout rule be eliminated as compensation for the lockout BS.

Does that rule really bring in that much more revenue? It seems like a pretty benign way to show the fans the NFL does care. (Though I guess it'd be kinda like your older brother showing he cares by stopping punching you.) I don't know much about it. I know sometimes companies buy a bunch of tickets to avoid the blackout which would be more revenue but don't they lose TV income from lost advertisements that aren't shown because of a blackout?

Either way, I'd challenge ANYBODY to find an actual fan who decided to go to a game instead of watching it just because of the blackout rule. Seriously, if you're going to a game, you go. If not, and it's blacked out, you miss it. There's no "Gee, I really wanted to watch the game at home this week, but since it's blacked out, I guess I'll go to the game instead." If you're like me, if you COULD go to a game, you WOULD go to the game, blackout or not. I plan on what games I'm going to before the season even starts for crying out loud! (this year, New Orleans and Tampa, go Lions!) The blackout rule is a thorn in our side which really only results in fans missing games. Truth is, I live outside the blackout area and I am minimally affected, but it still REALLY pisses me off.  It is the principle of this rule that bugs me more than anything.

So what do you guys think? Would a petition type thing get the NFL's attention? Or do you think, if we could organize something where we get a boat load of people to write a letter about this, it would even do anything? The NFL has proven they don't care about the fans (sorry, Roger, actions speak louder than words) so why would they start now?

But, there's gotta be something we can do, right?

What are your thoughts?

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