A look at the salary cap

Okay I have looked at the Lions current players and their costs using NetRats awesome site.  Needless to say it was incomplete and I had to do some guessing on contracts.  Now what are the Lions sitting on.  Frankly I think we will be keeping the usual 25 offensive players, 3 QBs, 5 RBs, 5 WRs, 3 TEs, and 9 OTs.  I do put Logan as a RB instead of a WR.  So offensive players I am guessing will run around 70 million.  As for the Defense its another 25 players, 4 DTs, 5 DEs, 6 LBs, 6 CBs, and 4 Safeties.   That there will run us around 43 million.  With the 3 special teamers we are looking at 5.5 million.  Overall that leaves us around 15 million dollars.  Now that is given a few items. 

First is Suh signing bonus amount is 8 million for this year.  It also puts a 4 Million dollar contract for Titus Young, and a 3 million for Leshoure, a big 10 million for Fairley.  As for our LB pick I think it will be a minimal 400k contract or there abouts.  The last salary I guessed on is Houston's which I put at 4 million for this year and probally 5 and then 6 for the following two years. 

So that means we can pick up a top tier CB for around 10 million, and a good LB for about a max of 5 million.   But in the end we will be sitting pretty good. 

For the CBs we have the following players. 


Chris Houston CB claimed $4,000,000
Jack Williams CB FA-2010 $555,000
Aaron Berry CB Undrafted-2010 $330,000
Alphonso Smith CB Traded for $480,000
Prince Miller CB RFA-2011 $1,275,000
Nathan Vasher CB RFA-2011 $1,275,000

From my perspective we will have about 2 new players from the draft or FA outside of the 1 top tier for competition.  But I could see a total of 10 players during camp time.  The key item is finding that top flight CB.  As for the rest I can see them just throwing some darts on the wall to see who sticks and hopefully one or two will stick.  However getting draft picks from players we plan on cutting will more than likely occur again this year.  We need draft picks because our salary costs are not going to be down any time soon and will need the cupboard stocked continuously so draft picks are the best way if there is to be a rookie wage scale.  

For those that are not aware we have picks from rounds 1 to 5 and 6 or 7 depending on if we make the playoffs.  So adding a few more late rounders will help us out even getting a round 3 would be great.

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