The Worst Thing in the NFL: Un-Elite Eight

We've reduced the teams down to eight.  As usual, please rec this post so more people participate.  Here are the results from the last round.

Matt Millen 
DEF  Matt Millen announcing 15-5

Lack of Cheerleaders  DEF  Rex Ryan's foot fetish  12-8 (really?)

The Blackout Rule  DEF  Cj's rule  11-9

The Pro Bowl game  DEF  ESPN  11-9

Dallas as "America's team"  DEF  ESPN's love for the Pats  19-1 !

Ticket Prices  DEF  Pass interference calls  13-7

"Sanchize"  DEF  The Brett Favre saga  13-7

Constant commercials  DEF  Beer Prices  16-4

Here's where it gets even more tough.  The eight worst things in the NFL.  Vote away.

Matt Millen






The single most despised man in recent Lions' history.  Almost single handily made us the laughing stock of the NFL.  The man who led us to a 31-97 record, including the dreaded 0-16 season.  No more needed.

VS  Lack of Cheerleaders 



I mean, come on.  Every team needs cheerleaders, right?  Eh, the may be annoying sometimes but they sure are something to look at right before or after a commercial.  I mean, come on.


The Blackout Rule 



The blackout rule has to be one of the dumbest rules in the NFL at this time.  I think it was Latif who nominated this one, and, using his words, it makes absolutely no sense to penalize the entire fan base if they can't sellout the stadium.  In the long run it hurts the NFL more than anything.

VS  Ticket Prices



Ticket prices are still on the rise, as it takes almost 50-75 dollars to get a decent seat at a game.  This is pretty much a direct correlation to the blackout rule, but that's the way the seeds went. 


The Pro Bowl Game



I have never, and probably will never, watch a pro bowl game in its entirety.  I do not know a single soul who appreciates this game.  The game means nothing, proves nothing, and does nothing for the NFL. 


  VS  Dallas as "America's team"



Just posting this picture made me want to vomit.  Who says that Dallas suddenly is "America's Team?"  Even though the Cowgirls in general are bad, having the moniker "America's Team"  makes them even worse.





Do I have to explain this one at all after seeing the picture above?  Sanchize?  Really? 


VS  Constant Commercials 



Everyone hates commercials.  Everyone especially hates when they're constantly on TV when we're trying to watch a game.  Sure, commercials have their place.  They give us time to take a shit or grab another beer, but if I took a shit and grabbed a beer every time there was a commercial, I'd be drunk as hell with an excrement disorder.


Since it's getting down to the wire, if you want to put a little thought into your selections, that would be fine and dandy.  Here are the match-ups one more time for the guys who like to highlight.


Matt Millen  VS  Lack of Cheerleaders

The Blackout Rule  VS  Ticket Prices

The Pro Bowl Game  VS  Dallas as "America's Team"

"Sanchize"  VS  Constant Commercials.

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