Skills Challenge & New Pro Bowl Format Idea

Good Morning Everyone.  I was listening to the Opening Drive this morning and NFL and they touched some good ideas about how certain things could grow the game.  Because the HR competition was 2 nights ago; the question was brought up why there is no skills competition in the NFL and why the Pro Bowl is boring.

Skills Challenge

Here is my idea about possibly growing the game. I purpose to eliminate the Pro Bowl all together and do a weekend skills challenge instead. Also create a different kind of Game.  And to avoid possible injury; keep the skills simple.  3 groups of people would vote, all with a 1/3 value:  Coaches, Media, And Fans.

Fastest Man in the NFL-

Have the fans vote on players from the entire league.  The Top 16 players would do 4 rounds of a 40 yard dash; the fastest times from each round advance obviously.  The winner gets $1 million dollars and has the moniker "Fastest Man in the NFL."


Accuracy Competition-

This one is completely open for ideas but just an idea thrown together.  Vote on the top 8 QB's in the league to throw at a bunch of dummies, tire wholes and moving targets all from the pocket.  The Winner again would get $1 million dollars.


Punt & Kick Competition -

Take the best 8 (or whatever number sounds better) kickers and punters in the league and have them compete in distance of field goals and off a normal kick-off tee.  The punters can do a length, hang time and accuracy competition.  I think they did something like this on Madden a few years ago.  The winner of the competitions gets a new BMW or something.


I left off things like "Longest Throw" and "Bench Press" competition because I can see some people complaining about the potential of injuries. 


New Pro Bowl Format


Instead of doing the NFC vs. AFC; I say make things a little bit more interesting.  Why not do some kind of Veterans vs. Rookies and Sophomore Bowl?

At the end of the season, have the fans, media and coaches vote on the best players at each position who have been in the league for 3 or more years and have them take on the best who have been in the league for 1 or 2 years?  I think this gives a better chance for more of the younger players to get a chance at a big show case and the honor of taking on the best that the NFL veterans have to offer. 

I think that this would be a really fun and interesting weekend for the players and the fans in the league.  I've watched the NBA and the NHL constantly come up with new ideas to improve their All-Star weekends and they are a lot of fun to watch.  Why is it that the most popular professional sports league in America has the worst All Star weekend?  Because the events are boring; the players aren't motivated to go and because ProBowl overall means absolutely nothing. 

There is something about a Youth vs. Seasoned player game to me that is intriguing and personally I don't see how even this idea can hurt because the current format is boring enough. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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