Out for blood - Durnatula


 Lions new Linebacker Justin Durant or @JDurant56 for his twitter followers is on his way to Allen Park this weekend. I thought we should learn more about are new athletic linebacker. Drafted in 2007 with the 48th pick he hasn't hit his ceiling quite yet. Instead of waiting for Tullochs game of should I or shouldn't I. I decided to go deep into the already. The now the what has happened.


  6'1 and 240 pound linebacker is possibly the most athletic of the free agency class and only 25 years old.

Durant played college football at Hampton University. While there he started 39 of 43 games at middle linebacker and finished ranked second in school history with 353 career tackles. He also contributed with 10 sacks, three fumble recoveries and four interceptions. He also became the first player in the history of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference to earn MEAC Defensive Player of the Year honors three times.

  Durant has 272 tackles 1 forced fumble and 2 interceptions in his 5 year career. He had 55 tackles last season as part of the Jaguars some what improved defense. With the Jags picking up Posluzny and Sessions Durants services were no longer needed. Durants weakness no question in coverage but with our D line and coaching staff I expect that to improve to atleast a tolerable amount. To me Durant is the perfect Mayhew pickup. Somewhat overlooked player that has at least one standout trait ( Athleticism in this case ) who fills a need, has room to grow, and comes at a fair price. One mans so - so linebacker can be another teams super star. Will that happen tough to say but consider the record. Lo Jack was considered a bust and now might be the hier to KVB. Nate Burleson was getting older and slowing down now he's a great compliment to Megatron and a perfect teammate. Shaun Hill was gonna get cut from the niners instead we made the trade to get him and used him sadly but he kept the offense. Roy williams was cut from Dallas and we turned him in to Brandon Pettigrew. Justin Durant who knows might add up to another Mayhew get.

 Justin Durant was supposedly high on Detroits list of free agent targets. There has to be a reason why with guys like Nicholas floating around. The Lions have started to show a keen eye for picking up talent. Durant has all the physical tools be a good NFL linebacker. He has experince as a starter in the NFL and can still improve. He meets Schwartz goal of players who can fill out a 4 or 5 year contract. His only true knock has been his health. He has missed some time but he still plays most of the season usually. Obviously Durant is a wait and see but he has all the tools, the right attitude, stays out of trouble, and works hard sounds like Detroits type of player. Theres not alot of info on Justin Durant which makes him intriguing but watching Jaguars gaes in the past. Durant has always been physical, fast and high energy. Seems like a great fit.

If your on twitter make sure you follow the new guy. He seems pumped to be here and has already embraced the fan base. I look forward to seeing Durantula at work. Rumors are Lions are now persuing Barnett from Green bay but I like the combo of Levy and Durant. Add in Carpenter, Palmer, Houge or Follett for the last spot. Competion will bring out the best in this group.


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