Too Excited to be "Cautiously Optimistic"


It's the nature of a Lions fan.  The Dreams of August turn into Nightmares in September.  Injuries usually are what start it... then it turns into "Close, But No Cigar" Games like the Bears, Jets and Eagles last year; were we show flashes of brilliants but terrible penalties and 4th quarter collapses.   One or two Blowout's like the ass kicking New England handed to us last year... I think I even boldly predicted that to be an upset win last August on POD!   And then a few wins... remember that’s all we got in a season for the last decade.  Obviously the 4 game win streak last year snapped about 50 embarrassing streaks for the Lions but we all sat back, enjoyed it but still held are breath going into the off season... it's that term "Cautiously Optimistic" I keep hearing.


So far; in what can be the craziest and most entertaining off-season week in NFL history, were seeing Martin Mayhew staying completely consistent with the game plan.  He has yet to reveal anything about his plans other than his usual "Were focused on consistently building for the future" spiel and I have to say he has done it in a cool and collected fashion considering the time constraints the Lockout caused. 

We picked up Justin Durrant who is a solid LB with a lot to prove with his durability questions.  We just picked up Eric Wright who I think was completely underrated going into FA.  He had a down year last year but must I remind the ESPN "experts" that he wasn't playing on Detroit’s Defense either!   We just picked up Rashied Davis who should be a serious upgrade at the 4th WR spot for Bryant Johnson and were still "Cautiously Optimistic" about Stephen Tulloch deciding to come to Detroit.  BTW; I loved the tweet thread yesterday!!  I know Philly Fans copied the idea but he knows who started tweeting him first!

So now what?  Within 30 seconds of Sean posting the latest tweet of the Lions "Monitoring the Nnamdi situation," over 150 comments came pouring in.  Relax guys!  Whether or not we could realistically afford him, he just doesn't fit into Mayhews plan.  We would use up virtually all of our cap room and most importantly; were limiting ourselves of what we can do next year and the year after for that matter. 

Calvin Johnson's contract expires in 2 years and I will bet you any money that regardless if he stays or goes... his contract will be the biggest for a WR in the entire NFL.  Luckily Calvin is a stand up guy and soft spoken but he WILL NOT resign if we do not start winning and by blowing all of our cash now, we are already starting to limit ourselves in the future.

I'm not being cautiously optimistic anymore... matter of fact I'm the guy who's helping serve the Kool-Ade!  So everyone drink up!  This is the year where it actually happens! 

If we can resign Cliff and Houston and also bring in Stephen Tulloch... we will have our team my friends

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