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A lot has been made about how negative I have been throughout this FA period.  I certainly have been riled up and definitely have over reacted to a bunch of stuff.  All of that will come to an end in a few hours when the real signings start to happen.  Before that happens I want to be on record about where I stand and how I see things.  Maybe no one cares....but for future arguments sake I want to be on record. 

My take is that the Detroit Lions have an opportunity to ride the Great 4 Game Win Streak of 2010(G4GWS) and the media love that came with it into a major FA victory.  We will NEVER see this kind of talent in FA ever again.  This FA period is not like others.  Normally teams are overpaying for a scarcity.  This time there is a glut of FA's elite and solid that could almost instantaneously leap us a year ahead of schedule and erase the Millen Era for good.  Because of this, while the draft is how you build your team normally, I thought we had built a strategy around being big winners by the end of today.  Drafting to our strengths was a sure indication that we thought we could get big time talent in FA at a good price. 

Now I NEVER thought we would get a Stud CB and a Stud LB.  The idea of getting JJ and Tulloch was just too good to be true.  But I did think we would fix one position group completely and make 1 key exciting signing.  So what I wanted to see was Tulloch/Manny Lawson + Durant + one CB.  Wright would count to me in this scenario.  The other thing would be to see JJ, Wright and Durant to fix the CB position.  I thought the LB position would be easier and more cheaply fixed and fit with the Schwartz motto.  Run the Ball, Stop the Run. 

So here are the 3 scenarios that I thought would be considered victories in this FA period.  Anything less would be a disappointment considering the mojo we have and the momentum.  Without one of these scenarios I truly believe we would have been better of to have finished the season on a 3 game streak and still have gotten Patrick Peterson.  The fact our coaches tried to move up for him proves they are aware we NEED a play maker in the secondary especially at corner. 

Success     #1  Tulloch/Lawson + Durant + Houston/Wright

                  #2   JJ + Wright + Durant  not going to happen now of coarse

                  #3   Rockey + Durant + Wright + Houston/Marshall etc. 


Failure       #1 Durant and Wright     Does anyone think this would be a win?

                  #2 Durant Rudd Wright Houston  etc. 


Clearly if we just signed Durant and Wright we would be a bit better than we were last year in the back 7 but not by much.  This team has a chance to do big things THIS year.  And the D-line can't get pressure every play.  The signs look like we won't be getting Tulloch/Lawson and JJ is gone.  But there is time and Mayhew is the man.  So lets all hope we still land a serious LB with Elite skill to make our LB core super solid for years. 

There is much more to say.  I admire what St. Louis is doing to make their Oline great for Bradford.  Makes me jealous.  I love what Houston is doing.  Makes me jealous.  Maybe in a few hours I won't be jealous anymore.  I sure hope so.  Its time for the Lions to be the envy of the league.

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