My thoughts on the Defense now

Okay I am going to do this pretty quick as work is calling for me but in any case here is the jest.  First is our Defensive Tackle spots.  We have 7 players signed up but I think only 5 will make it.  Those 5 are Sammie Lee Hill, Suh, Williams, Fairley, and our hybrid Fluellen.  Next up is Defensive End which we currently have 5 signed and one tendered for a total of 6 players.  Avril will be back along with Jackson, Vandenbosch, and Young.  Now comes the fun and you guys can beat me up over this if you would like but I think I got a good idea. 

For Linebackers we have 13 signed but I think 1 is being cut since we just signed Tulloch.  I think only 6 will be kept so with Tulloch, Levy and Durant being listed as our starters the backups need to play special teams.  That means Levy and Palmer are prime candidates to be kept along with the rookie Hogue, however if Hogue does not play well come this preseaon I could see us resigning Carpenter as he is currently not on staff. 

Next up is our Safeties.  I think this one is pretty cut and dry with 6 signed and only keeping 4 I think it is safe to say that Delmas, Coleman, and Spievey will be coming along with Phillips as our Special team ace.  Next up is the cornerbacks.  Now I really do not think what I propose will stand up by the time preseason ends however it is still a guess.  We currently have 12 players on staff and half are going to be let go.  Its also a very hard to say who I think will make it and who won't since I did not pay a ton attention during last years preseason to know which played the best.  So lets look at the the list of players currently.


Jack Williams
Aaron Berry
Alphonso Smith
Branden Bufford
Brandon McDonald
Jamal Robinson
Brandon Stephens
Paul Pratt
Maurice Legget
Eric Wright
Prince Miller
Nathan Vasher


Of these players Wright I think is safe bet along with Smith.  Buford, Stephens, and Robinson are just camp bodies and must prove themselves to be kept like Berry did last year.  Speaking of Berry I have him being cut however I am more than certain it will be one of the last cuts.  Needless to say beyond the 2 I already listed I am thinking we keep Miller, Williams, and Vasher.  The last pick is Legget mainly for his ST play and frankly he has an in with the coach. 

So that is how I think the Defense will end up being.  If you guys have any contract info on some of the recent signings always pass that info along to me.  Thanks

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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