Okay our back seven look.

Now I just went and deleted what I found out about some of players but oh well I will try to do this by memory.  Now given that preseason has not started yet and we have not seen these players in action some changes would be warrented when the 2nd game gets done. Now I am only going to look at the back seven of our Defense.  The front four is set once Aug 3rd hits.   Now more after the jump.

Okay here is the list of players for LBs.

DeAndre Levy - can play OLB and MLB and is pegged to start at OLB

Caleb Campbell - plays OLB and is a special team can also be placed on practice squad

Isaiah Ekejiuba - is a special teamer can play MLB not eligible for practice squad

Zach Follett - plays OLB and is a special team not eligible for practice squad

Justin Durant - plays OLB and is pegged to start

Ashlee Palmer - plays OLB and is a special team not eligible for practice squad

Stephen Tulloch - plays MLB and is pegged to start

Doug Hogue - plays OLB but word on the street is he can get on board for special teams pretty quickly

The next 5 players are just camp bodies and should not get a roster spot unless they outshine one of the players above.  They are the following: Quentin Davie, Cobrani Mixon, DeJuan Fulghum, Daunte Akra, and Korey Bosworth.   All of these players are eligible for practice squad.

My thoughts on the LB group is we go with the LTD as our starters being, Levy, Tulloch, and Durant.  We then select 3 OLBs as back ups.  I would think it would go Zach Follet, Ashlee Palmer, and Doug Hogue.  I select Hogue primary as he the future OLB for the team and just needs time to groom.  I also do not think a 5th rounder is going to last through waivers. 

Now onto the corners.  We currently have the following players on the roster.

Chris Houston - started last year for us should be starter again

Eric Wright - starter for Cleveland should be starter for us

Alphonso Smith - started for us last year but could be a solid Nickel this year if gets beaten by Wright

Aaron Berry - started last year and should provide some solid competition for Wright, can be a practice squad player

Maurice Leggett - solid special teamer has filled in for starts on occasions

Jack WIlliams - a good special teamer has not started in the NFL. 

Prince Miller - a good special teamer has not started and can be practice squad player

Paul Pratt - has not played in a regular season game and as such is practice squad eligible

Brandon McDonald - has not started recently but should push the top 4 for a spot, has started in half of his NFL games

Nathan Vasher - started 5 games for us last year, been a Bear the previous 6 years also the oldest CB on staff

Brandon Bufford, Jamal Robinson, and Brandon Stephens are all UDFA but with the recent resigning of Houston one could be cut this morning still.  Outside of that should be camp fodder but if impressive on Special Teams could grab a roster spot or the practice squad spot. 

My take is this on the postions. 

LCB - Chris Houston

RCB - Eric Wright

Nickel - Alphonso Smith

Dime - Aaron Berry

Quarter - Maurice Leggett

Special Teamer - Jack WIlliams

As for safeties I think we can just peg it as Louis Delmas and Erik Coleman starting.  Amari Spievey as backup with John Wendling as a special teamer.  I highly doubt Randy Philips or Ricardo Silva will make the team.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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