Lions Predictions before the 1st preseason game

1st time posting, 19 years old lion fan so dont rip into me to hard hah

Just trying to see how everyone think the lions will do before their first preseason game.

Week 1 Tampa Bay- W Beat them last year, we improved and they one simple as that hah

Kansas City- W Tough team likes to run the ball and with our front seven it will be a good matchup to watch. Have to give it to the Lions though. Home opener will help along with KC not have a great passing game, which is our biggest weakness. Bowe overrated IMO

Minnesota- L Mcnabb will help them out , road game and division game which the Lions do not do well in both.

Dallas- L Cowboys I believe are on the boarder of a playoff team with Garrett and Romo coming back.  With two tough WRs in Austin and Bryant dont know how we will stop them. 

Chicago- W MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! I beg my dad to take me to the last one when i was in 3rd grade? he did, the Rams blew us out we left by half hah. Ford field will be crazy and I think that will help us get the win, oh and Culters 2 interceptions

San Fran- W Alex Smith no thanks. Gore will be dinged up. Nice to see what Braylon can do. Losing Spikes and Celements will hurt their Defense a lot too.

Atlanta- L What is there to say? Haha

Denver- W I really hope they start Tebow because then it will be an easy win. Sucked last year and what did they do add Ty Warren

Chicago- L Bears at home will be a tough game. I think the Bears get their revenge for Monday night and Culter plays better. 

Carolina- W Cam Newton or Clausen doesnt matter win. Did improve this offseason though

Green Bay- L On thanksgiving they crave us up, they are just a damn good football team

New Orleans- L hopefully we can be like the Browns of last year, do not see it happening though

Minnesota- W because we have them at home and Harvin will have another headache 

Oakland- W Didnt do much in the offseason and dont have a QB or anyone to throw to (at least they are fast) 

San Diego- L San Diego will be in their groove by now and Rivers and VJax will have their way with the secondary

Green Bay- L Green Bay could be resting their starters so we may luck out but it will be cold and its Lambo we never win.

So 8-8 maybe 7-9 maybe 9-7 somewhere around there. At least it will keep our interest till Christmas 


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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