Introduction (finally)

Fellow Lions Fans,

It has felt a little strange just jumping into blogs and throwing my 2 cents in without formal introduction. I'm still learning my way around here and finally got around to doing this. So here it is, a few things about me:

- I am originally from Cadillac, but have lived in Holland and Interlochen. I graduated from Traverse City Senior High in 1990.

- My wife, son and I moved to Nebraska (her family, I won't get into the details.) I hate corn more than ever miss fresh water and trees.

- Got my BA in Elementary Ed. a couple of years ago and now substitute teach here.

- I try to treat others how I want to be treated and respect diverse opinions.

- I'm Jonesing for Lion's games and, to a lesser extent, fantasy football, (can't find a league, though.)

- You can refer to me as Tony if you want. Studmo was a name my friend coined (I think) and I just threw it on here before I realized that I was becoming a POD addict. I'm actually a pretty modest guy, though.

- There is no one to talk to about Lions football out here. I will live vicariously through your posts and blogs and you have no idea how grateful I am for that. My wife, however, already doesn't like the POD because she thinks I spend too much time here. If she doesn't like it now, she's gonna hate it during football season. I'm still praying for Sunday Ticket. I usually only get to see about 5 games with Dish (2 vs. Minnesota.)

- Honalulu blue and silver courses through my veins, (duh.)

- I have been to the Silverdome to watch a Lion's game. It was Lions vs. Broncos on Thanksgiving, 1990. It was a high scoring game and very exciting to watch Barry and Elway live. Great game.

- The only other live Lion's game I've seen was Lions @ Broncos at Invesco, (coincidence.) Very nice stadium. Joey and C.Rogers actually looked pretty good, but it was yet another loss to the hands of, wait for it.....Jake Plummer?!

  A few things I believe about this team, imho:

- Staff and CJ will explode this year, with some of the pressure taken off of CJ because of...

JBest. You may have picked up on my opinion of him by now. If not, then here it is - opposing defenses will always have to have to account  for him, kind of like they did for Barry, (not that he is the 2nd coming, like I hoped for after he was drafted). I think that Darren Sproles is a poor man's Jahvid Best.

- How I feel about our o - line probably mirrors what most others here have said. In short, it is a necessary evil to go with who we have to start for the 1st team. I like Peterman (when he is healthy) and Sims. My concern lies with the health of Gos. and, to a lesser extent, Backus. Raiola needs to go.

- Defense - Pick your poison for the d - line. It will be talked about in the coming years much more than it has in a very long time, maybe ever.

- The linebackers will only get better with time. Toward the end of the season, we will see a cohesion among our front 7 that will have us giggling like schoolgirls. Sacks galore.

- The db's will be good enough this year to hold their own. No more and no less.

- If the Lions lose too much this year or lose to the Bears, I don't know if I can be held responsible for my posts, but I will try to maintain relative self control. You know how people always say, "Do you remember what you were doing when.....? (insert relevant historical event here). Well, I will never forget where I was or the elation I felt when we beat, (lost) to the Bears in Detroit's first game last year. My son and I were jumping around and yelling in the basement for a few blissful seconds, and then, well, from 180 to 0 in zero seconds. Honestly one of the worst feelings ever. I'm sure you all pulled each other through this dark time. I choose to think that this will be the fuel Dtown uses this year to bitch slap Chicago twice.

- I try not to read too much into the preseason games, other than just to see who steps up and makes the final roster.


For my short time here, most of you have been pretty gracious with your replies and your help. Thank you .

No more after the jump. That is all. Let the football commence!


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