Players to watch

 First LIONS preseason game if the year it tonight. Instead of going on and on about what I think will happen with each player on the roster. This is a quick list of my players to watch in the preaseason and a short description as to why.

Derrick Williams - Linehan has been talking about how well his camp has been going. Lets see if Dwheelz is finally ready to take that step. It's now or never for him I am afraid.

Titus Young- Been hampered by an injury but is the only top rookie who might play. I like this kid he might be a little slow but expect him to go deep early.

Stephen Peterman - Yeah I hate that name BUT lets see if he's healthy and back in true form of solid starter. As opposed to embarassement.

Lawrence Jackson - LoJack has a veryy good 2010 and remember still a very young player. Expect him to show improvment this season and show if he is the heir to KVB.

Durant/Tulloch - How will these two work in a corp with Levy ? Will Tulloch play inside or outside? Is Durants athleticisim and Tullochs run defense finally gonna keep backs out of our secondary?

Randy Phillips - Had a great preseason last year lets see if he can make the 53 this season.

Caleb Campbell - With Follett gone someone needs to step up as depth. I think Caleb might just be that guy.

Tim Toone- No this isn't a joke but if the guy is gonna make it in the NFL he might have to show it soon or the roster spot may go to someone else.

Williy Young - The Grounds Keeper is up. With Turk gone it's time to see what the young guy has. I expect he won't show greatness but he will show solid depth at the DE spot.

Stafford/Calvin - Yeah both of them we don't get to see the duo together often it seems. One of them is hurt usually but I expect the Bengals will have there hands full tonight. I expect you might see some timing issues early but with no OTAs I expect most QBs will that that problem.

 David Rayner - He's gonna play I think we all know that but can he beat out old man Hanson? Who knows as sad as a kicker battle is it might be the best one of the off season.

Ballard- Is all this hype really anything? My guess is no but I've been wrong before. Should be worth keeping an eye on though.

Eric Wright- Is he a #1 corner or not? He has had some issues in cleveland but this is a new day and a new D line. Hopefully Wright is back to his old self.

Sammie Lee Hill - 3rd year I am excited to see what the big guy brings to the table. He has been good from day one but I think this year you will see even more improvment.

Jerome Felton - All the back in forth on fullback I think Felton needs to step up his game or Clapp might get his job.

Ndamukong Suh - Just watch...Let the man do his thing and don't miss a moment!

Nate Burleson - Fewer fumbles and were good bro

Jahvid Best - Healthy at last lets see if he has any blocking up front and can make some BIG plays for us.

Drew Stanton - Spartan actually won us some games lets see if he can build on it. Maybe are future backup if nothing else.

Last but not least

Paul Pratt and Bobby Carpenter - The Phonz is out with an injury but the rest of the PCP will help cover for him. Pratt played very well last preseason hope to see more of that from him. Carpeneter has room to improve but I'm thankful he was here last season when we needed him. Lets see more of him and see if he has improved some aspects of his game. He won't start but again might be great depth.



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