Dude's got a point...

Just read an article on ProFootballTalk (via the Free Press) about yet another Suh response to the Dalton hit, and I think he made a good point:

"Honestly, I really feel that I put the refs in a tough situation because of my strength," he said. "A lot of us players growing up and coming in, we’re getting faster, stronger, and some guys just have incredible strength on that football field. So I feel like we put them in tough situations, and with the new rules and the different situation of safety -- which definitely should be something that should be applied on both sides of the ball -- we definitely put them in tough situations, so they have to make the right judgment.

Gunther Cunningham agreed:

"I think what’s happened to him is I've never seen this player in my life, meaning there’s no one that’s ever played like this at defensive tackle," Cunningham said. "And if you watch the tape and you have any sense for athletes, that’s what you’re going to see. What happens to him, there were two guys blocking him in the game, he beat them both, clean as a whistle, and he felt like he had the tackle. The quarterback had the ball in his hand, and that was it, he took him down. And that’s what he's supposed to do."


I think we can all agree with Cunningham's remarks - Seeing Ndamukong Suh play is definitely eye-opening. Even moreso than Calvin Johnson, I think Suh will be a position defining player in the next era of the NFL. The combination of his size and speed can make his already roughneck tactics seem dangerous.

I'm not going to say Suh doesn't play with one hell of a mean streak, but as I'm sure someone has said before, there's a massive difference between the intent of his sacks vs. an Albert Haynesworth or whoever you want to compare him to. Suh is a competitor, straight up, and has as much respect for his opponents and their well-being as anyone on that field. His comments in interviews have always confirmed that to me, and I truly do think that he's simply playing harder and better than anyone out there, and enjoying every minute of it.




I guess if that means he gets fined, it's worth it. I'm down.

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