Detroit Lions breaking down positions and concerns

 Broken down by position I just want to share my thoughts of each position. Whats great about them and what my concerns are. See if I am alone in any of them or maybe I am more correct than even you had hoped. This is based all on my opinions no stats just what I have seen with my own eyes.

  QB - Stafford is the real deal and every tool a franchise QB needs he has showin. He needs to stay healty this year or I am afraid many people will write him off and be ready to move on. Other than Matts bum shoulder the last 2 years the position itself is deep. Hill is a prototype game manager and even Drew Stanton proved he can win a game when called upon. Without Matt though this team can only go so far. I belive in the guy and am still proud that he is our QB. We need him healthy and I think everyone has that as there #1 concern moving forward.

WR- Might be one of our strongest positions. Calvin must stay healthy he hasn't missed alot of time but he does need to play every game. The offense depends on him to perform. Nates fumble problems at times last year got to be irriating at times and costly at other. Otherwise he showed toughness and attitude something your born with. Titus is a you burner who will take the top off the defense I am positive of that.  WR isn't a postion easy to learn and I expect him to struggle at times. We need him to play well as a rooke though the depth behind isn't very impressive. Taking the top off a defense means you better be good with the deep ball. The Bosie State program hasn't been a powerhouse of pro factory so hopefully his adjustment won't be to difficult. He will struggle at times though.

TE- The Pettibeast is a monster and a playmaker. I have no question he will be one of the tope tight ends in the NFL. He had good stats last year but for me it isn't that he drops the ball at times. It's when Brandon needs to become more reliable in the red zone and conversion downs when it really matters. Scheffler is good but I think his entire game could afford to step up a little. Heller played very little through no fault of his own but he should get more snaps. He rocked it against the Packers in Detroit.

OL - Everyone on TV says we need a tackle we need to protect Stafford. Well they are half right we do need to protect Stafford. With a run game who is run blocking on the inside ? One of my biggest hopes this year was we would get a true bulldozer at right gaurd. That did not happen if we can't improve are run blocking game the D lines will go all out. Number 9 will be slammed again and again. The backs can't be expected to make there own holes. Jerome Felton is no help either. We need a FB that can help clear the running lanes not run for the short yards. We have that guy now in Leshoure.

RB- Love this position but Best needs to stay healthy and play the entire season like he did the first half of last year. Break the big plays and help in the passing game. Leshoure has alot on his shoulders this year. He is the only true powerback we have and with the lack of run blocking he might have his work cut out for him. He could have a fantastic rookie year or he and Best could have a long season ahead. All depends on the O line. Maurice and Brown make solid depth I like them both.

DL - No concerns here get Cliff a new contract and lets unleash the beast. The Lions true identity is kill the QB. Questions have been asked about Fairley but I say give him a chance. No concerns unless he gives me one.

LB - Much improved from last year. Looks like Zack might be gone as I am typing this he sent out a tweet that would suggest he is suffering from pain in his neck. ( Sure Sean is on it) Durant, Tulloch and Levy 3 very good starters. The depth isn't to bad either with Palmer and Houge. Carpenter could return yet I hope. I am positive the run defense will be awesome this season. Tulloch and Durant don't have a great record of pass defense though. That concerns me levy is the only LB I trust in coverage right now. I also like Caleb to make the roster this year.

DB - Safteys are fine I like Delmas, Phillips, Coleman and Spivey as the final depth chart there.  Corners well lets just say we have assembled the greatest list of #2 corners in the NFL. I still don't see that big #1 guy we needed. Cromartie, Joseph any of these guys would have soothed my concerns. Berry is showing promise but I am not ready to hand him the job just yet. Phonz makes a stellar nickle and #2. Houston makes a good #2 but dosen'y have the eye for the ball. Wright is good but again a slightly above average #2. We still need that top flight or Elite corner.

ST - Hanson and Rayner fixes to make a good battle legend vs young gun in camp. Who ever wins the job deserves it. Logan is a lights out return man and I like the other possibiltys behind him. Young and Phonz might be able to back him up in the return game. Nick Harris days might be numbered if the new kid shows anything.


**UPDATE** Sadly the truth is Zack will not be a Lion any longer.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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