Mid Preseason 53 Rooster prediction


First off let me say that I do have DVR so I am not going to be able catch everything.  Needless to say though I think using what has been posted here and what Killer has mentioned on Mlive I can do a reasonable job of a prediction.  I must also appoligize about my previous post regarding the cuts to 80.  I thought when I read the article it was going to be this Tuesday, if I saw it was the 30th when the cuts were to be made I would have cared less as we have another game to play.  Any ways here is my proposed rooster look after the Cleveland game after the jump.



Keep (3): Matthew Stafford, Shaun Hill, Drew Stanton

Cut: Zac Robinson

Personally I think all 4 have looked good but Zac needs to show that he is much better than Drew and I just do not see that happening.  The bottom line is unless there is a trade Zac is on the outside looking in.

Running Back

Keep (4): Jahvid Best, Maurice Morris, Aaron Brown, Stefan Logan

Cut: Mike Bell, Ian Johnson, Jerome Harrison

Placed on IR: Mikel Leshoure

I do not consider Logan a WR after what he did for us last season.  Plus you know my thoughts about him and catching.  Any ways I have not seen enough of the others to think MM and AB are replaceable.   Lastly I think the fact that MM has a half a million in SB will make a difference.  Overall though the 3 that are on the chopping block have to step it up as AB did do a good job on catching swing passes against Cleveland.


Keep (1): Jerome Felton

Cut: Matt Clapp

I would love to get rid of Felton like a lot of people but he did show he can hit the hole against Clevelands back ups.  I like him to get some short yardage plunges against NE to prove he wants to play this season on the Lions. If he doesn't prove it then I could see a 4th TE be added to the rooster. 

Wide Receiver

Keep (5): Calvin Johnson, Nate Burleson, Titus Young, Maurice Stovall, Rashied Davis

Cut: Tim Toone, Nate Hughes, Demario Ballard, Dominique Barnes, Marcus Harris, Derrick Williams

Personally I like the top 2.  TY I am just adding in as he a 2nd round rookie and won't be cut.  As for Stovall he proved he wants to play this year on the Lions now he has to keep his spot now.  Davis is a good ST and deserves the 5th spot not just because of his ST ability but he also is a better WR than DW. 

Tight End

Keep (3): Brandon Pettigrew, Tony Scheffler, Will Heller

Cut: Richard Dickson, Joe Jon Finley

Adding to what I said about the FB I just do not see us adding another one unless Felton just crashes and burns.  I think Joe Jon has showed some stuff but I keep on going back to the Cleveland game and Dickson did do a good job for us. 

Offensive Tackle

Keep (4): Jeff Backus, Gosder Cherilus, Jason Fox, Corey Hilliard

Cut: Johnny CulbreathIsaac Sowells, Kirk Chambers

Hillard played himself as a back up roll and would beat out Fox for LT backup.  Right now with Fox and Backus out until they get healthy I can not see us cutting him.  Culbreath is just too raw to make the 53 but give him a year on the PS he could be taking on the RT spot with Cherilus and Hillard.  We shall soon see over the next year what happens.

Offensive Guard

Keep (3): Rob Sims, Stephen Peterman, Donald Thomas

Cut: Greg Niland

I have to agree with Sean simply because I have no idea who our back ups will be in the center of the line.  The one item I will have to say is that 2nd stringers tend to move the pile pretty good against Cleveland and that was mainly from the center of the line. 


Keep (2): Dominic Raiola, Dylan Gandy

Cut: Dan Gerberry, Rudy Niswanger

I do believe it was Gandy playing Center that we were getting some good pushes up front plus he has been with the team for a number of years so he has some continuity with the team and the most important exchange is the Center to Quarterback and its critical you have somebody who is solid and been with the team as a back up for a few years.  A starter will get the reps but a back up does not get as many.

Defensive Tackle

Keep (5): Ndamukong Suh, Corey Williams, Nick Fairley, Sammie Hill, Andre Fluellen

Cut: Robert Callaway, Quinn Pitcock, Montavious Stanley

I have been debating this for the better part of half an hour.  Do we go with 5 DTs or 4.  Frankly Fluellen's ability to play both DT and DE sold me on this.  If we go with 4 DTs I could see us adding another LBer. 

Defensive End

Keep (4): Kyle Vanden Bosch, Cliff Avril, Lawrence Jackson, Willie Young

Cut: Narada Williams, Keyunta Dawson

No need to discuss this one.  WY has played superb in preseason and should get it the roster spot.  BTW Avril did an AWESOME job in not touching Colts head when he jumped up to block his pass and grabbed his shoulder pads as he came down.  Good awareness by Cliff there. 


Keep (6): DeAndre Levy, Stephen Tulloch, Justin Durant, Bobby Carpenter, Doug Hogue, Ashlee Palmer

Cut: Isaiah Ekejiuba, Caleb Campbell, Cobrani Mixon, DeJuan Fulghum

As much as I like to have a solid ST Isaiah has to step up his on Defensive performance to make the squad.  I just think Hogue is not going to be make the PS if we cut him for the 53.  Plus Houge is half as much and has more upside than Isaiah.  Plus Carp has played some MLB and with Levy still on the squad we do not have a need for minor MLB on the squad but rather more OLB presence IMHO.  If the Lions go with just 4 DL then Both will make it otherwise I think it will be Houge over Isaiah. 


Keep (6): Chris Houston, Eric Wright, Alphonso Smith, Aaron Berry, Nathan Vasher, Brandon McDonald

Cut: Paul Pratt, Prince Miller

I was not happy with the performance of Berry against Cleveland.  I think we are not looking as strong if we have an injury to either Houston or Wright.  Of course if Smith is to be our Nickel back then it might look a little better but I still not sold on our Nickel and Dime CBs yet. 


Keep (4): Louis Delmas, Amari Spievey, Erik Coleman, John Wendling

Cut: Randy Phillips, Ricardo Silva, Michael Johnson

Not much to say here but those that are in favor of Philips need to understand that Wendling has 700k SB that is going to make it difficult to cut.

Special Teams

Keep (3): Jason Hanson, Nick Harris, Don Muhlbach

Cut: Dave Rayner, Ryan Donahue

Although Harris has a HORRIBLE PATHETIC COMPLETELY FUBAR of a punt against Cleveland I think I can give him a pass as somebody forgot there assignments and thought he did not have to go out on the punt team.  On top of it he nearly ran out of time the 2nd attempt and that had to shake his confidence.  Now I am not sure if Jimmy wanted to do that to see how they punt out of the endzone but frankly it was not a good sign.  


So that is my prediction.  Take it as it is but I think we are going to have a solid team.  Will it go 18 and 1 and be Super Bowl champs, well that depends on Stafford. I also hate to say this but I am getting a little concerned about him not taking a hit yet.  I know it sounds bad but he needs to take a hit before the regular season starts.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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