Profilers guide to opening day

 Preseason f ootball is in full swing meaning the real games are just around the corner. Coach Schwartz and GM Martin Mayhew are getting prepared for opening kickoff but how about yourself ? Well incase your not never fear your friendly neighborhood Profiler is here to help you out. Nope no provactively dressed women for this. This is kickoff weekend we are talking about. This is the day we spent all offseason thinking about and this is your guide to insuring a great weekend of FOOTBALL.

                                                                                                DA GUIDE

 1. Make sure you got the game schedules in advance. Sunday ticket or not they will have games from all over the country on. Obviously the Lions must be your #1 priority but after that what will you do ? Make sure you check the TV schedules a day or two in advance.

2. Snacks. Before the games begin make sure you got everything you want. There is nothing worse than turning on the final game of the day and finding out you drank the last beer. Stay away from anything that might make you tired. Nap on your own time this is Football do your share and watch the games.

3. Check your fantasy teams. The day before is always a good time to check for updates on players and finialize your rosters. Always check them again one last time before kickoff but incase that dosen't happen. You were smart enough to set the rosters the night before.

4. NFL Gameday. Make sure your ready for every game my guys over to the NFL network are on first thing every sunday and take you up until kickoff. If you don't get that as an option there are plenty of pre game shows now a days but make sure you got all the current news before the games.

5 SBNation. More importantly get there early. The open threads are a terrific way to talk with die hard fans. Even if it is Hog Haven rest assure every site is filled with true fans. Some sites welcome everyone with open arms be willing to have some good times with fans of the opposing teams.

6. Twitter. A great way to stay updated and even in contact with some NFL players. Hear there thoughts before the game and don't be afraid to shout some postive messages at them. If your not on twitter Sean has the feed on the homepage. Make it a point to check that out. It might even assist you with your Fantasy teams at times.

7. Jersey. Make sure your favorite Jersey wether it's #9 or #90 don't catch yourself on a wash cycle. Make sure that suckers ready to go on sunday.

8. Stat trackers. We don't all have NFL redzone but we do have acess to stat trackers like Yahoo and other sites have. Not only a great way to stay updated on your Fantasy roster but also a good way to keep track of every game going on. You can watch the Lions on TV and still know just how back Cam Newton is doing on his first drive.

9. Halftime. It's short its sweet but who really watches that crap? Have a plan B maybe it's Lunch time maybe you have the Swim suit issue near by. Either way make sure you can use this time productively. OR you could always chill with the guys at POD. The B.S and Criticizm flows freely after 2 quarters.

10. Possibly the most important thing. Always take time after the game to absorb the emotions. Joy, Anger. Dissapointment. Maybe you caught a glimpse of the blonde cheerleader. No matter what it is sit on it for a few minutes before you say something stupid. Ask anyone on POD when you post angry you end up being the fool. I know this first hand. ( Ernie Sims anyone?) No one will lose there job in week 1, Stafford is still the starting QB, Nick fairley and Titus young are not wasted picks, and Akeem Ayers has proven nothing. Week one is exactly that the begining of the season....ENJOY IT.


11. 21st and Prime. It's only late so those who work Monday morning may not get to see it. NFL network is a great place to get the highlights, low lights and breakdowns of every game. Press confrences, Injury updates and more galore. Mooch, Eisen, Prime and Mike Irvin do a great job of winding out a spectacular day of football. If you love it as much as I do this is a great place to see what you missed...and of course get you ready for MNF the next day.

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