Help With Fantasy Football Sources

Hey Guys!

As week 1 approaches, all the fantasy owners out there are gearing up for another season. I am getting ready for yet another season of fantasy football mediocrity. (The team I drafted this weekend is actually called "The Meaty Ogres" because the team is so mediocre. Just as an example, my QB is the "never-injured-until-he-is-on-my-fantasy-team", Peyton Manning- who's gonna miss the beginning of the season, in case you haven't heard. link)

Anyhoo, I was thinking about Fantasy Football information sources and I thought because the Pride of Detroit is the best Lions site ever, and since there are so many intelligent football minds that frequent this site (I am NOT referring to myself, of course) I figured if we pool our resources (figuratively AND literally) we might be able to come up with an awesome list of sites to use during our Fantasy season to help set lieups, make trades, pick up FA's, etc. Maybe with your guys' help, I can finish 4th this year! I'll list my sources after the jump.

First of all, because 3 of my 4 leagues are Yahoo leagues, I tend to use yahoo's sources a lot. Here's a link to yahoo FF research. And this leads me to whatever Andy Behrens and Brad Evens and those guys have to say. I say that but I think we all know I go there more for Charissa Thompson than anybody. (Man I'd like her to be on my Fantasy team. Wait, what??). It's a pretty good base for info but it tends to be a bit behind the current news (not more than a day or two, but still...) Also, I find the projected stats are more off than most.

There's also this link to cbs sports which has a pretty cool downloadable draft kit (with a few different rankings) for those like me who have in-person drafts and who need something to refer to. It also has a "compare players" function on the site which helps a bit when you're between 2 or 3 guys.

I also hit up this link to to check in. Mostly because I liked their composite rankings where you can see what each guy individually ranks the players at AND what the average is. However, the setup is a bit different right now, I didn't see any composite rankings. Not sure if I missed them or maybe they will start that once the season rolls around.

Then there is fantasy football toolbox which is here. I like the way this site is organized. It is easy to navigate; it's easy to find what you're looking for.

That's where I spend the most time doing research. What do you guys think? Should I be avoiding any of these sites like the plague? More importantly, what are your favorites? Who do you think has the best record for projections? Who is a complete idiot? (Please don't say me, this has been established, and would be a waste of most of the POD members' time. Umm... Well.... okay, I guess you can call me an idiot but it better be funny!)

I guess the bottom line is I would like help in deciding the good fantasy football sources out there and I thought it might help others out as well. So post your opinions on this stuff, and links to sites you like to use, and maybe we can ALL benefit! 

(Unless of course, you're in one of the POD leagues and are just trying to sabotage your opponents. lol)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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