Preseason Observations Week 3

WOW! Breath in, breath out, breath in. Ok so its only a preseason game. It doesnt mean anything and the the last time we were preseason champs (4-0) we had the worst regular season in NFL history (0-16). Regardless we took a big step on saturday night, against big time competition. There is a lot of hope in Detroit this year and if fans werent drinking the Kool-aid yet, the game last night may have changed some minds.

Stafford has looked phenominal. So far this preason he has a completion percentage over 70. He has 5 touchdowns to 0 interceptions. He looks strong, accurate and is making the tough throws. He is reading the opposong defense well and is not forcing his throws. If he plays like this in the regular season we should not be looking forward to merely making the playoffs, rather we should be confident in having a serious playoff run.

In his first start ever, Aaron Brown looked like a playmaker. I do believe he may make this team and he may even be our number 2 back. His speed is dangerous, his ability to catch the ball and make space is dangerous. The only question mark at this point is whether he can pick up blocks in pass protection and get the playbook down. There was a play in the third or fourth quarter that was almost busted because it looked like he went to the wrong side to get the handoff.

I look for the team to keep 4 rbs. Best, Brown, Harrison and Morris. Bell is gone, Johnson is gone.

Burleson looks to have a big year. Stafford is looking for him and with the exception of the tough drop in the endzone he is catching everything that comes his way.

Gunther Cunningham let the dogs out for the first time last night. The Pats offensive line was brutalized by our first team and abuse by our second and third. Every quarterback was being hit and in the case of Brady those hits led to a lot of innacurate throws which is not something that we usually see from brady. Linebackers played well also and outside of one blown play (the welker touchdown) the secondary was solid as well.

Not that Rayner was going to make the team anyways but that missed FG didnt help.

Sorry Derrick Williams, its a little late for you to show up with a nice special teams tackle and a TD reception, your days in Detroit our over, good luck.

I dont think Felton makes this team either. I look for Detroit to use Heller as an FB/H-BACK/TE. Hes got good versatility and Felton hasnt shown anything.

It was nice to see Titus Young on the field.

Doug Hogue had some nicee plays both on defense and Special Teams

Detroit, PAY CLIFF AVRIL. His stock is rising fast so do yourselves a favor.

That is all....

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