Wow. Looking at available free agents

I was surfing the web today and reading Sean's story about the 53-man roster. Here is the link I got and I think it is reliable.


Now there has been a lot of hype about Joique Bell. If you look closely at the link, JOIQUE BELL IS A FREE AGENT.

I know fellow PoD commenters have been high on Bell. He still is qualified for practice squad but i doubt he would clear waviers or not get signed by another team. Our Lions have had some trouble on the ground after LeShoure went down. I wanna know what some of you think of taking a look at Bell.

UPDATE: After seeing the Saints game, I figured out Bell is not a free agent. Sorry for that.


Another thing i noticed is the list of full backs. Now i know that we rarely use a full back in our offense but there are some noteable names on the list.

Deon Anderson- I remeber him as a good lead blocking fullback but he has had trouble with injuries and the law.

Madison Hedgecock- Once called the best fullback in the league. Don't really know why he was released

Mike Karney- used to be a good fullback but is too old now

Tony Richardson- One of the best fullbacks ever. Old though.

Naufahu Tahi- Younger fullback that was very good leadblocker. Again, don't know why he was cut

Leonard Weaver- Good fullback but never reconized him as a "leadblocker"


Now, from all of those names I would take Richardson. I know he is old as hell but he was maybe the best run blocker ever. We could use a good run blocker.


Then i went a lookin at the DB's. Found some noteable names as well.

CB> Kevin Dockery- Always thought of Dockery as a good corner but also noticed his production drop off.

CB> Ellis Hobbs- Used to have good potential and promise. Dont really know what happend.

FS> Tanard Jackson- Was one of the better safties a couple years ago.

SS> Lawyer Milloy- Isn't he like 50 somethin?

FS> Darren Sharper- You mean the Sharper guy that played for Green Bay and Minnosota? And the one who was a big part of the Saints championship? Yes that old fella. He's a free agent.

SS> Roy Williams- Wait... isn't he like 60 somethin?


Well would any be mad that I would say lets give Sharper a look? He might be old but he could even be a mentor to Speivey and Delmas.


Well Lions fan give me your comments. Good or bad.

Go Lions!

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