Atleast it's not us week 1

 Week 1 is in the books the Lions WIN with a tough defense. Impressive on all levels. The one negative thing that stuck out to me was Stephen Peterman. I will hold my ranting for later discussions. This is 10 headlines involving teams outside the D.


1. Kyle Orton is still facing fans who need a life. A group is trying to raise money to buy billboards in denver to convince coach Fox to start Tim Tebow. Has yet to be confirmed but Tebow is rumored as the 3rd string QB. If Tebow was better than Orton wouldn't they have traded him...O wait they wanted to until Tebow had the job!

2. Brandon ( My Leg You Bitch!) Marshall calls Chad Henne the white Michael Vick. You heard me this means one of two things. Chad Henne is a Ex Con or Micahel Vick is is hearing chants of KYLE ORTON while he is throwing for 400 plus vs the Pats.

3. Heath Evans is picking Stafford as a standout player for sunday. Not because he thinks it's right but he wants the Lions fans to stop harassing him on twitter. I just want to thank the POD for harassing this Hack. I am proud to know all of you lol.

4. Joe Flacco finally beat Big ben. Guess that is what everyone wanted right? Oh did I forget the giant ASS HANDING that was delt to Ben. I feel like a rape joke is neccisary hear but I can't come up with one. I'm sure you guys can help me out.

5. Brian Urlacher lost his mother this week. In all seriousness I have TONS of respect for Urlacher but this guy is tougher than I though. He was back to practice the next day. Condolences to Urlacher and his family. I am sure Drew Brees will have his work cut out for him. If Favre taught us anything a man playing with a heavy heart is dangerous. Put that heart in Urlacher I don't wanna be the QB on that team. Stay tough 54.

6. Eric Berry was placed on IR this week. The young saftey was poised for a break out year. KC is not looking like they are in the same postion they went into last season.

7. Teddy Bruschi is still a D bag. Being a D bag is the Patriot way isn't it? Telling Ocho Cinco to get off twitter and into a play book. Gotta say in my opinion Bruschi is just running his mouth. What Chad does or thinks isn't his problem or concer. Why? It's not his team he's a retired linebacker with nothing better to do.

8. Scam Newton I mean Cam Newton broke the record for passing yards in a NFL debut. Instead of talking about Cam and Steve Smith blowing up in a opener. Why isn't anyone talking about how horrible Arizonas defense is. That was inexcusable. The Cardnials defense allowed that to happen. DRC anyone?

9. Ted Ginn JR for one day in his life showed why he was picked in the 1st round. Multiple returns for TD for the 49ers. He wasn't alone Patrick Peterson, Cobb, and others ALL returned kicks for touchdowns. Guess they did ruin the best play in the game. Right now it looks like it won't be special it will be the norm to take it to the house.

10. Mike Vick returns to hotlanta. With the "Dream Team". yadayadayada you heard it all. I must say this though how many times does Matt Ryan have to be asked about Vicks return? He wasn't there, New team, New Day right? Yet you know Vick jerseys will be all over Atlanta. I guess you can chalk that up to another franchise QB being dissrespected by his own fans. But unlike Romo Matt Ryan dosen't deserve it.

11, ROMO CHOKES AGAIN - Just love that headline

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