Profilers Wishlist

 So for my birthday september 21st..The same as my boy Justin Durant so hit him up on twitter witha Bday greeting. I have decided to assemble my Lions wishlist. After 2 games we have been great but there are still things to improve on and needs to fill. Maybe just MAYBE me wishing for these items will make one of them come true.


10. I want the special teams to improve on kick return blocking. It's time for Logan to make some big plays in the return game. Guys have been good now it's time to be great. Show everyone how much of a threat Logans Shake House is.

9. Stafford on his feet. Hear me out no sacks tremendous stat that shocks me to say the least. I am still seeing Matt on the turf a few to many times after he throws the ball is all. No complaining about the pass blocking don't get me wrong. I would just like to see Matt not take shots after the throw either.

8. The Phonz . Damnit it's my Birthday and I am wishing for the Phonz to return and ball out like I know he can. Wright and Houston have been good but 27 is the ball hawk. Can't wait to see him back.

7. Nick Fairley. 13th overall pick needs to play soon. Hell at this point he has to crack the lineup. Suh, Corey and Sammie have been excellent. Fairley isn't needed but he certainly could bring the next level of hell to an opponent.

6. Run Game. Best has ben just wow no words to explain how good 44 has been. The blocking hasn't been great though especially in the middle much like last year. Hopefully Kwill can bring the power we need and get the short yards. He's gonna need help up front though.

5. Beat the Vikings. Obviously but we need to get a divison win early and the 1st one is only logical. in 3 weeks it's MNF with a chance at 2 divison wins in less that 4 weeks. Sets us up for a great run going forward.

4. Sure up the tackling. A few guys as opposed to most are still missing some tackles. Be it from me to scream Pad Level but technique is everything. Just bring the guy down we can't let this grow into a problem down the road.

3. More Scheffler and Titus. Been making some real good plays I think Scheffler especially could be used even more as a target. Titus has big play abillity that I am loving lets get him involved early and spread the ball around.

2. First and for most. Continue to improve we have yet to play our best football. We need to eliminate mistakes and mental errors. Stick to what we are as a team and continue to play with heart and a winning attitude and the sky is the limit.

1. Hey this is my wishlist. 50 yardline 1st row tickets Bree Olson and Myself...Thanks in advance Mayhew. If you can't do that just get me a new starting right gaurd that would terrific.

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