I think I might be a little drunk...

...on some Kool- Aid.

Check out this article about Schwartz by Michael Lombardi:


The best part is this:


The formal interview was not typical. It required the applicant to take a serious of tests -- some football, some mental and some psychological. When Schwartz was done, his tests were sent off to be evaluated. When the results of the psychological part came back, the evaluator said: "Don't let him out of the building. He will be the best you ever hired." So we hired him, and those results ended up being completely accurate.



I'm so stoked about being a Lions fan!! (for once)

Between this article, all the talk about the lions, our record, Stafford scoring me crazy points in FF, and everything, I'm definitely drunk on some Kool-Aid.

Speaking of which, I have a theory about why we didn't take a true fullback on the roster.

It is because Stafford has been training with Rip Torn from the movie "Dodgeball" who has been throwing wrenches at Stafford's throwing shoulder. His shoulder is so strong now that Stafford is going to lead block with only his throwing shoulder because at this point, it is equivalent to 3 lead blockers. Hence, no need for a FB. This hasn't been actually used yet because they are saving this play for the right situation. But once they use it once, I'm sure we will see it early and often. Who needs a 2 man wedge? Just put in Stafford on kick returns and his shoulder can be the entire wedge! You think teams are afraid to let us return it now! Ha! Just wait until #9 is lead blocking. He most likely won't even have to throw the ball anymore at all. Because if they don't score on the return, (if they ever let us actually return one, that is) then they'll score on the 1st run play from scrimmage. Boom. Done. Dominic Raiola is gonna snap the ball and then just walk over to the sidelines and have a drink because he will no longer be needed to block. In fact, I heard they are bringing in a card table so our entire offensive line can sit down and play poker during offensive possessions because Stafford's shoulder will handle all the blocking.

Oh yeah, I also heard Stafford is a ninja.

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