Random Thoughts (Week 3)

You can pretty much consider this a form of open thread to just air out whatever random NFL-related thoughts you have, whether it be about the past Lions game or any other games around the league.


1. How about them Bills? What was a cute little side joke after week 2 surged into the real realm of possibility this week. A Bills-Lions Super Bowl. Okay, by "real realm of possibility" I mean it's above the 0.01% threshold, but still. Very interesting.

2. The US Treasury just announced their plans to roll out a new form of currency this year: the Jason Hanson.

3. Inevitably, people (read: haters) are going to say Minnesota gave the game away and we didn't really win it. Don't buy that for one minute. Football lasts sixty minutes for a reason, and we said prior to half time that if the Vikings can score 20 more points than us in one half, then we can too. Well, we did.

4. In the Rookie Bowl (JAC@CAR), Blaine Gabbert and Cam Newton combined for a total of 30cmp/55att (54.54%), 297 yds, 2 TDs, and 1 INT. Cam Newton improved his interceptions but has obviously fallen back to earth, while Gabbert played decent in the loss. Meanwhile, Titus Young is steadily improving. During week two, TD caught 5 passes for 89 yards. In this game, TD went for 4 receptions / 51 yards. If he never improves and continues racking up 4-5 reception games in this vein, he's on track for a 1000 yard season. Not bad for a WR3 who missed week one, eh?

5. I was convinced of two things going into this game. A) That we wouldn't hold AP under 100 yards. B) That our passing game would force the ball out of AP's hands.

I was wrong on both accounts. Adrian Peterson went 17 for 78 yards (4.58 ypc) and 1 TD, and our passing game didn't force the ball out of AP's hands. Inexplicably, Leslie Frazier decided to do so on his own. I have no idea what role we played in making them give up their running game, but as I said before the game: if this becomes a passing game, we win.

6. Our free agent pickups continue to impress. Durant and Tulloch combined for 13 unassisted tackles and Wright amassed 6 tackles and 1 assist. Consider yourself Mayhewed, league.

Go Lions!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Pride Of Detroit or its writers.

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