On to Dallas

We won't know exactly what we're dealing with until after the game on Monday night but this feels like a very winnable game to me.

Currently 'America's Team' (God I hate that) is sitting at 1-1 after losing a game they probably should have won and winning a game they probably should have lost. Tony Romo is hurt, and while he expects to start on Monday rib injuries and punctured lungs are nothing to sneeze at. As gritty as his performance in week 2 was I would not be surprised if he didn't last the whole game against Washington nor would I be surprised or disappointed to see Jon Kitna throwing passes a week from now.

Other injuries of note for the Cowboys:

Miles Austin: He looked great against the Niners racking up 9 catches for 143 yards and 3TDs, until he re-injured his hamstring that he had hurt in the preseason. He is out for this week and I believe it was reported that he should be out next week as well, but its certainly one to follow.

Dez Bryant: Dez misses last weeks game with a Quad injury but it looks like he will play on Monday. You never want to see someone get hurt but it would be great for us if he could re-aggravate that injury again because as long as you can keep Dez away from Jewelry stores and training rooms he will make plays. He's a special talent and I fully expect him to be a Top 5 receiver sooner rather than later.

Felix Jones: The Cowboy's starting RB has been dealing with a shoulder injury but is expected to play against the Redskins, however when he has played he hasn't been all that effective. So far this season he has rushed for 69 yards on 26 attempts for a paltry 2.7 yards per carry. If I didn't know any better I would think he was wearing Honolulu Blue. However for his career he has averaged 5.1 yards per carry so if he's on the field he must be respected.

On the Lions side of the ball it would not appear that we suffered any significant injuries in week 3 which is great. As for gameplan I expect the Lions to come out throwing and not stop. So far this season the Cowboys are 2nd in the NFL against the run giving up less than 60 yards a game on the ground. And this wasn't against poorly running teams it was against the Jets and the Niners, both traditionally very good running teams. This does not bode well for those of you like me who dislike seeing Jahvid Best run straight into the back of our own O-Line or dance around trying to get to the edge only to be tackled by 3 guys at the line of scrimmage. The Cowboy's secondary however can be thrown on. There is a reason why the Cowboys were going after Nnamdi Asomugha so hard and let me put in this way, if Mark Sanchez can put up 336 yards on you then you should be worried about what Matthew Stafford can do.

Something I don't know very much about is whether or not new Cowboys Stadium provides a good homefield advantage. I wouldn't expect their stadium to be really loud just because I think it's supposed to be very open but frankly I just don't know, if someone could fill me in on that it would be amazing.

Preliminary prediction (I'll update it after the Redskins game): Lions 31 Cowboys 24

So I think this should be enough to get us started on a conversation.

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