The Average Guy's Eye - Week 3

   Hello PoD and Fuck Mark Sanchez. Can you really believe this? Our beloved Lions have their first 3-0 start since 1980. I saw a stat, or more of a note, on NFL Network that said 43 of our players weren't even born the last time we started 3-0. Anyone else feel old after reading that? That aside let's deal with the game against Minnesota. Time to jump. BOING.

     I'm going to do a very quick summary of the first half. Offense sucked. They owe the defense for keeping us in this game. Yes we were down by 20, but with what our offense is capable of doing that qualifies as still in the game for us. Personally, I'd like to forget the first half even happened, but it has so much value as a learning experience for both the team and we as fans that I won't forget it. On to the second half.

    Stafford to Johnson. The league is really going to start hating hearing about that combination while we are really going to be loving it for years. This is going to be combination on a level with Montana/Young to Rice and Manning to Harrison. This combination is going to result in many touchdowns and clutch plays to keep drives alive as evidenced by yesterday's performance.

   The defense as a whole gets big time credit for what they did yesterday. They held Adrian Peterson to under 100 yards against us for the first time ever. I know some will say that Minnesota had an equal part in taking him out of the game along with us, but that's still a noteworthy accomplishment. If not for the defense playing an entire game, not just one half, this would have been our first loss of the season.

   The offensive line. What can I say that hasn't already been said since the game threads yesterday. They were just atrocious. They couldn't open a running lane all day and they gave up five sacks. Five. Sacks. I know many people were with me in temporary nausea every time Stafford went down. The play of our tackles on both sides was beyond horrendous. Jared Allen is a quality player and has been for years, but there is no way he should have been running that free that many times. Some of this does go on the coaches and I'll deal with that shortly.

   The running backs. The run game sucked out loud, but it wasn't their fault. You can't get yards without the line creating holes. End of story.

   Receivers. I've already talked about Megatron, but there are two other standouts from yesterday also. Titus Young has really come on the last two weeks. He has made some big catches to keep drives going and it's only a matter of time before he starts making big catches for scores. The other standout is Brandon Pettigrew. He came up huge yesterday. He finally avoided having the dropsies and just made play after play.

  Special teams. They were meh. They didn't kill us and they also weren't spectacular. I would say they did their job. No more, no less.

   Finally, the coaches. I have no idea what was going on with Linehan in the first half, but he couldn't come up with a thing to help spark the offense. Not one thing. He did his job and figured stuff out for the second half, so I'll give him credit for that with one caveat. I really want to know why he never helped the tackles out when it was obvious they couldn't handle the defensive ends on their own. We have tight ends coming out of various orifices. Surely we could have had them helping out with chip blocks at a minimum.

   Overall, I would have to say that yesterday's performance was just decent when you put it all together. The first half was bad beyond description and we had a spectacular comeback on the road in the division in the second half. This averages out to a decent win. Let's face it. If the first half didn't blow, the awesome second half wouldn't have been necessary.

   We have another huge test next week when we travel to Texas to play the Cowboys. A win there should make all the doubters realize that this team is actually for real. A win also means a 4-0 start with three, count them three, road wins, one of them in our division. I don't see how we could have any doubters left if that happens. This game is very winnable also. Romo has a tendency to just fling the ball somewhere under pressure and we have one of the best pressure lines in the NFL. A couple good hits and Romo's ribs might become an issue again. This would mean Kitna and a whole lot of problems for the Cowboys. I can't wait for this game. Til next week, GO LIONS!!!!!!!!!!

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