Stafford through his first 16 games

Yeep Stafford has finally played and started 16 games.  Granted a few injuries have happened but we can not be like some QBs that never get hurt (Farve) but at least he has made it 16.  So where does he stand for stats I wondered. 

Well lets see. 

QB Rating 75.8

Completions 337

Attempts 591

Completion % 57.0

Yards 3779

Yards per game 236.2

Yards per Attempt 6.4

Yards per completion 11.2

Touchdowns 28

Interceptions 23

Fumbles Lost 2

Well lets look at some of these other great QBs, I am thinking of looking at Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers.  First up is my favorite for a long time Brady.

Brady had a near full season his first year truelly playing of 2001-02.  So lets just use those 15 games.

QB Rating 85.5


Attempts 413

Completion % 63.9

Yards 2843

Yards per game 189.5

Yards per Attempt 6.9

Yards per completion 10.8

Touchdowns 18

Interceptions 12

Fumbles Lost 3

Not bad in fact I will highlight what he has over Stafford.  Now lets look at our Manning which is scary as his first season he was thrown at the role and frankly since I have not seen the stats before I post them I will save my comments for after them.

QB Rating 71.2

Completions 326

Attempts 575

Completion % 56.7

Yards 3739

Yards per game 233.7

Yards per Attempt 6.5

Yards per completion 11.5

Touchdowns 26

Interceptions 28

Fumbles Lost 1

I was quite surprised to see how close Manning and Stafford are.  I mean their TDs to Ints are very close, yards close, completion %, I mean just about every stat going down the line is nearly the same.  Only Manning gets Stafford on Y/A and Y/C along with Fumbles Lost.  That is just amazing IMHO. 

Next up is Drew Brees.  I will not look at his first season game and throw that out even though it appeared to be a good game by him. 

QB Rating 76.9

Completions 320

Attempts 526

Completion % 60.8

Yards 3284

Yards per game 205.3

Yards per Attempt 6.2

Yards per completion 10.3

Touchdowns 17

Interceptions 16

Fumbles Lost 0

Again not a bad season for a 1st timer.  I will have to say his seasons in New Orleans look goon on the whole however he has thrown quite a few interceptions.  He Needless to say I think is 04-05 season as essentially his 3rd year in the pros was one of his best seasons right up with his Superbowl run back in 09-10. 

Last but not least is heir Aaron Rodgers.  I will not look at any of his seasons until the first one that he got out underfoot. 

QB Rating 93.8

Completions 341

Attempts 591

Completion % 63.6

Yards 4038

Yards per game 252.4

Yards per Attempt 7.5

Yards per completion 11.8

Touchdowns 28

Interceptions 13

Fumbles Lost 3

Alright lets be honest sitting behind Farve had to help for those 3 years. I mean he is killing all of the 2000 decade QBs with his stat line.  I mean that is just nuts IMHO.  But that is what happens when you are allowed to sit and learn versus being thrown at the wolves.  However its the amount of sitting Rodgers did that has made him to be an elite QB after only 3 seasons as a starter.  I would like to compare more qbs but I just do not who to compare Stafford to.  I know some would say how about Big Ben although its a good idea I think you have to understand that Stafford being hurt during his run of 16 games means he is closer to say Brady and Brees both QBs who had a season off essentially before being given the nod.  And no I will not look at the other Manning brother as he was in a similar boat as Big Ben as they both had a strong Run game when they took over.  BTW the Lions during his first 16 games are 6-10.  Not a bad record for a rookie.  Manning went 3-13, Brees went 8-8, Rodgers 6-10, Brady went 14-5 and win himself a Superbowl how rude of him of upshot all of these good QBs.   In any case thats the results.  I think Stafford is in Fine company IMHO.  BTW I do not want to look at non 2000 era QBs as the game has changed so much since the 2000.  It be like comparing apples to grape fruits.

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