DaaAAAaad (Mayhew), I want ***! (FA pickup discussion)

As anyone would expect there plenty of players who've been cut that us fans want to see the team pickup in some method.  Of course I have my own wishlist of players and I'm curious to see who y'all would like.  So let's hear it!  Who's out there as a FA you'd like papa Mayhew et al to go out and get on the Lions for you!  Explain main team or PS and who leaves to make room (if MT).  

There's a few players that I'd love to see brought in here!  Some of them are from my UDFA Wishlist.  Then again quite a few of my UDFA Wishlist have been cut.  I'd still like to see some of them on the PS.  

Here's some FA I see worth mentioning... after the jump:

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (CB) Cowgirls (they drafted and tried to convert to S).  This kid has a lot of potential to be  great player and I'm amazed he was cut.  I really hoped we'd be getting him last year in the draft (with what ended up being the 3rd traded to move up to get Best).  Nothing in his play for the Cowboys makes me want him here any less.  He's a fast breaking relatively fluid CB (not S) that had proved a nose for the play.  They really gave up on him too soon.  Here's the tough part, along with Selvie I'm not sure he's eligible for PS.  If we could get him to go to our PS would he even be willing to do so.  If he had to go to our MT, who would we cut?  As costly as it could be to the ST I think his potential would add more to the team than the ST dominance of Ekejiuba.  I firmly think this could be '11 Mayhew square peg type addition.  

Tim Barnes (C) udfa waived by Ravens (former Missouri)  Perhaps undersized but I thought he was a solid prospect and was very high on my wishlist for this draft.  Hell many of my mocks had us taking him in the 4-5 round range and here is cut udfa lol.  Obviously the FO has concern about us at C and I think this guy is worth a long look (PS) or trial (replace Morris?  lol)  

Jake Kirkpatrick (C) udfa waived by Colts (former TCU)  I don't know what his story was in Indy this camp, as I didn't watch any of their action.  He and Tim Barnes were so high on my wish list for draft it isn't funny!  I thought he might go higher than Barnes even lol.  This guy was Rimington award winner and nominee in college.  He's got the brain part down pat and I can't see why he wouldn't be able to do something here... but then again I'm nowhere near ready to get paid to make such decisions lol.  

Steve Schilling rookie OG Cut by Chergers (former Michigan)  Solid run blocker rookie.  He's perhaps another square peg type guy as he was meh at T for MI, excelled as G and then bombed at T (in camp) for the Chargers.  I think we could have an outside chance of getting him agree to coming to the PS!  Then again will some other team snag for MT?

George Selvie, DE cut by Rams.  This is the pass rusher that occupied defenders which allowed JPP (now Giants) to emerge in college.  If he's still got the moves he'd be a great compliment to the team at what is indeed an already crowded line.  The problem is I'm just not sure how we'd be able to get him since I think he's not PS eligible.  If that's the case then he probably isn't anything to replace Flu or anyone else.

Lousaka Polite FB cut by Dolphins (former Bear) I don't see us getting him but yet I think he's more of the bruising short yardage type back and also a good lead blocker.  I'd rather see him brought in than Chester Taylor.  Beyond that however I have no idea who would be cut to make room for him....  Perhaps at 29 he wont get any suitors just yet and could be on the call list.  If we got him it still wouldn't shut me up about not getting LeRon McCoy tho...


Those are the names that jump out at me anyway.  So who's on your wishlist???

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